Last Updated on March 4, 2019


Guardian’s Angels

It’s said in life we all get a chance to act as angels. This is never more true than in any profession that safeguards the life of a child…

When I call your company to ask about your fencing or schedule an appointment, I may end up talking to someone called a receptionist, salesperson, or even an owner of the company. In reality this “label” means very little to me. What I’m really looking for is a guardian Angel – someone who wants to help me provide protection for my child, my grandchild or neighborhood children…

When you come to my home to look at my pool, answer my questions, or show me where your fencing would be best placed, again you act as angel. If I ask too many questions or seem defensive or even arrogant, please don’t get annoyed. There’s a precious life at stake. If I’m being cheap, don’t offer me an inferior product. Tell me you value the life of my child more than a quick sale.

When you drill holes for fence poles in my yard or deck and lay out fencing, please keep in mind you are literally erecting a barrier between life and death. And while I may not show my appreciation, my child is so very thankful you take your job seriously, take your time and do your best. For after your gone, a tribute to your strong spirit stays behind, guarding the pool like a sentinel and offering protection in my absence… and in yours.

I wish I knew all the names and “human” faces of all the people that work at your company… I would imagine you have a seamstress or seamstresses, and people who cut mesh, and warehouse workers, and supervisors, and welders and drivers and accountants and only God knows how many more ANGELS there are at Guardian Pool Fence Systems who deserve the thanks of families like mine around the country… perhaps around the world. If you do not hear these thanks daily, please don’t get discouraged or think you are unappreciated. Those who are most grateful and benefit most from your services are often still unable to talk or express simple phrases of gratitude. They are the world’s littlest angels and because of you, their life goes on.

“from a happy customer”

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