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Installing a pool safety fence will not only keep you up to code, it will grant you peace of mind. Know that your children or grandchildren can play safely in your yard. Unfortunately, the accidental drowning of young children occurs all too often and usually in a very short amount of time. A majority of the accidents happen when the child is thought to be sleeping or occupied elsewhere inside the house. However, the rate of accidental drowning is reduced by 90% when a pool fence is installed.

Understanding Local Regulations

Pool fence regulations in Los Angeles are designed to safeguard lives, especially of young children, and have undergone significant changes over the years to address evolving safety concerns. These regulations are continually updated to minimize the risk of drownings and ensure that pools are safe environments for all users.

Mandatory Pool Fencing

In Los Angeles, any pool constructed or remodeled after a certain date, typically after 2007, is required to have a pool fence. This regulation applies to all types of pools, including spas, portable pools, and inflatable pools with water depths exceeding 18 inches.

Basic Requirements

Pool owners must adhere to specific guidelines outlined by the Los Angeles pool fence regulations:

  • Height and Design: The fence must be at least 60 inches tall and enclose the pool or spa area, isolating it from the house. It should feature a gate that opens outward, away from the pool, with a latch positioned at least 60 inches above the ground.
  • Safety Features: Pool owners must install at least two safety features to comply with regulations. Options include an approved pool cover, a removable mesh fence meeting ASTM specifications, exit alarms on doors with direct pool access, self-closing and self-latching devices on pool access doors, pool alarms, or other approved safety devices.
  • Compliance with Standards: All safety features, including the pool fence and associated hardware, must meet relevant safety standards, such as ASTM specifications, to ensure effectiveness in preventing accidents.

Ensuring Compliance

Failure to comply with local regulations regarding pool safety can have severe consequences. Beyond the inherent risks to residents, including the possibility of accidents and drownings, non-compliance can lead to penalties and legal repercussions. Authorities take pool safety regulations seriously, and violations can result in fines, citations, or even legal action.

General Pool Safety Guidelines

In addition to complying with pool fence regulations, pool owners in Los Angeles should observe general safety guidelines to minimize risks:

  • Always supervise children around water, regardless of their swimming ability.
  • Enroll children in swimming lessons to enhance water safety skills.
  • Display CPR instructions near the pool area for quick reference in emergencies.
  • Avoid leaving climbable objects near the pool fence that could facilitate unauthorized access.
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol while supervising children near water, as it impairs judgment and reaction times.

By adhering to pool fence regulations and implementing comprehensive safety measures, pool owners can create a secure environment for enjoyable and worry-free pool experiences in Los Angeles.

Guardian Pool Fence

When it comes to safeguarding your pool area, quality and compliance are non-negotiable. That’s why Guardian Pool Fence’s premier line stands out as the gold standard in safety. Approved by California, LA County, and Los Angeles building codes – some of the most stringent in the country – our pool fences exceed expectations in every aspect.

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Compliance with Stringent Regulations

California, particularly Los Angeles and LA County, has enacted robust building codes and regulations to ensure the utmost safety around pools. Guardian Pool Fence’s premier line not only meets but exceeds these standards, providing homeowners with peace of mind knowing their pool area is secure and compliant with local requirements.

Rigorously Tested for Durability and Safety

Our pool fences undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet and exceed the toughest safety standards. From materials to design, every aspect of our premier line is meticulously crafted to withstand the elements while providing maximum safety for your family and guests.

Trusted by Homeowners and Authorities Alike

The fact that Guardian Pool Fence’s premier line is approved by California, LA County, and Los Angeles building codes speaks volumes about its quality and reliability. Homeowners can trust that they’re investing in a product that not only meets but exceeds the highest safety standards, while authorities recognize the effectiveness of our pool fences in ensuring pool safety.

Peace of Mind, Guaranteed

With Guardian Pool Fence’s premier line, you can enjoy your pool with confidence, knowing that you’ve invested in a product that prioritizes safety above all else. Our commitment to excellence and compliance with the most stringent regulations in the country make us the premier choice for pool safety solutions in California and beyond.

Choose Guardian Pool Fences to install your pool fence. Know that you are not just following codes but that you are also ensuring the safety of your little ones with this wise investment.



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