Is Your Pool Fence Approved?

Los Angeles County has given its approval to meet its strict building code to Guardian’s 5-foot mesh pool fence.

The city’s code is one of the toughest and this is the first time that the city has given its approval for a mesh pool fence.

We have invented and manufacture the SAFEST removable, climb-resistant pool fencing systems. The system includes our locking sleeves and a self-closing gate – all designed specifically to protect small children from getting into the swimming pool.

Here is a summary of the Pool Fence Regulations in L.A. County:

  • The fence needs to be 60″ high and no more than 2″ off the ground. 4″ above ground if on a solid stone or concrete surface. 
  • If plan to do a metal fence the Vertical rods can be 4″ apart if the Horizontal rods are apart 45″ or wider
  • Vertical rods need to be 1.75″ apart if the horizontal rods are less than 45″ apart. 
  • Horizontal rods have to be on the side near the pool. 


See our original research report  from the City of Los Angeles


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