Pool Fence Phoenix

Pool Fencing In Arizona

At first glance the city of Phoenix  looks like a mirage in the middle of the Sonoran Desert.  On closer inspection,though, it becomes clear that Phoenix is actually a lush, modern, southwest oasis. It is a city of broad avenues, beautiful Spanish Revival homes , and tall glass towers. The desert is omnipresent in Phoenix, and homeowners embrace it, by planting graceful cottonwood trees,along with Saguaro cacti and ocotillo.


As a desert metropolis, it  reaches and exceeds 100F for 110 days out of the year. The temperature in June is almost always above 100 F. The summer heat is very intense and bone dry.


Many homes in Phoenix come with a swimming pool, a wonderful escape from the heat.  It is also true that many people who relocate here have no experience with either desert heat or pool safety. To protect young children from drowning, the city of Phoenix has several local ordinances in place. These laws are all about pool safety. For example, a home with a pool where 1 or more children under the age of 6 reside,must have the pool area completely enclosed. The enclosure can be a wall, a fence ,or ideally a mesh barrier. The mesh barriers come in different colors also in the shades of brown, which actually blends in with the typical desert landscaping. The enclosure must be at least 5 feet high. All gates to the pool area must be self -closing and self- latching. The gate must open outwards from the pool.


The city of Phoenix offers safety classes to pool owners. They are taught CPR, and  taught to check the gate latches regularly, and to remove items that could be used to climb over the pool fencing The Phoenix YMCA offers inexpensive swimming lessons to children and toddlers. These are simple,yet potentially life – saving precautions,and if pool owners  use these precautions children will be kept safe and able to enjoy their swimming pools.


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