Pool fence Pasadena

When it comes to Pasadena, California, most individuals think of flowers, the world famous Tournament of Roses, the Rose Bowl and the University of California, Los Angeles. There is a true ideal of life surrounding Pasadena and when individuals move into the city they often want to take advantage of the amazing weather and surroundings and spend time on the outside of their house. To truly enjoy the weather on the outside, whether it is January or May, a pool brings the family, friends and loved ones together. Of course, there is more to a pool than just obtaining the necessary permits and installing the pool into your back yard. In fact, in order to stay legal in Pasadena and make sure you avoid any sort of fines from the city it is necessary to build a fence around the backyard with pool.


A backyard with pool must always come with a fence. The fence is designed to prevent accidental drownings from animals and children. In order to do this the fence must be at least five feet tall around the entire pool. Anything under five feet is just too low and is going to bring about fines. It doesn’t really matter the material used to build the fence, the fence needs to stand five feet. So whether you want to go with a mesh, chain link fence or brick, you are welcome to decide what kind of material works best for your look and your budget.



The five foot size of the fence is the only main regulation you need to follow in order to make sure your pool and the property is legal. However, one aspect to keep in mind is if you run a public property where other individuals are able to come and swim (such as a community center, school or another other area where people are open to swim) is the deck between the pool and the fence must be at least four feet in all directions. The deck also must be constructed of a nonslip material, as it is going to become wet eventually.


No matter where you lie in Pasadena, you have an incredible home and probably want to enjoy the time outside. One of the best ways to do just this is with a pool on the outside of the property. The pool is designed to bring everyone together for memorable experiences.


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