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Pasadena, CA is in of America’s most famous cities, yet it has managed to maintain its small town charm for over a hundred years. Nestled at the foot of the mountains of the Angeles National Forest, Pasadena is home to just over 100,000 residents, but at any given time its downtown bustles with many tens of thousands more visitors, attracted by the wonderful shopping and dining locations, the range of fine museums, and the overall loveliness of the city.


Residents who live in Pasadena seldom move, and why should they? With picture perfect weather nearly all the year round and so much to do that one never gets bored, it is a wonderful place to live. Many homeowners put down deep roots and celebrate generations of families in their Pasadena homes. With home ownership in this fine city that sees so many days of sun frequently comes the installation of a swimming pool in the yard. Swimming pools are a great way not only to add enjoyment to your life but also to add value to your home. But if you have or are soon going to install a swimming pool, take heed: the process is not over — in fact the pool should not even be filled — until you have installed a pool fence. Unfortunately, even in a place like Pasadena that seems a paradise, accidental drowning deaths can happen at any time, and the victims are almost always innocent young children.


A pool fence can be installed with relative speed and ease and will not cost you as much as you might think. There are certain city and state laws and statutes you have to follow when putting up a pool safety fence on your property, but they are not restrictive in negative ways, and follow just good common sense. You may think that with your grown family and / or the infrequency of visits from youngsters that you don’t need a pool fence on your property, but one can never know for certain who might wander onto the property even if they’re not supposed to. Without a fence, you simply have to consider your swimming pool a potential hazard and a definite liability. With a pool fence, it can revert back to being just a wonderful addition for you and the family to enjoy.


And take heart: a pool fence does not have to be thought of as a necessary headache at all — in fact, with a good installation job and a careful eye toward aesthetics, you can even add greatly to the curb appeal (or backyard appeal, as the case may be) of your home. Your fence can provide both safety and beauty, thanks to the range of options available to you. From any number types and finishes of woods to wrought iron to vinyl and more, you can design a pool fence to match the aesthetic of your home and your yard, bring your property into regulation compliance, making it safer, making it more visually appealing and adding privacy and all all while potentially adding enough value to your home to cover the fence’s installation price anyway!


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