Pool fence Palos Verdes

Palos Verdes is an incredible peninsula just southwest of Los Angeles County, providing both locals and visitors with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. The city is famous for its Spanish influence, as the Malaga Cove Plaza in Palos Verdes pays homage to coastal European cities. With such a draw of scenery and history, individuals from all across southern California see Palos Verdes as a true living destination. If you are such an individual who has either recently moved into the area or who has lived in the region for decades you might consider purchasing and installing a pool in your back yard. A pool in the yard is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space year round and it also can improve the property value of your home, as so many other individuals who are looking to move to the area are also looking for a new pool. When you install the pool though you also need to look at fences around pools. This is because you need a fence around the pool in order for it to stay legal. Without a fence of the appropriate size requirements you are breaking city ordinance requirements and will receive fines from the local government.

Pool Fence Palos Verdes

Fences around pools are going to have the same general requirements. For a personal, private pool, the fence must stand at least five feet in all places around the pool. You are free to install a pool fence taller than this, but anything shorter and you’ll receive a fine from the city. You are able to use any material though for the pool fence, so whether you want to save money and just go with a mesh or chain link fence or if you want to go for a cast iron fence or brick, there really is no limit to your options in fencing in the pool. One thing to keep in mind though is if you do go with brick, once a brick wall is taller than three feet tall you do need an additional permit from the city. If you have want a brick look but don’t want to deal with the permit you can simply construct the base of under three feet with the brick and the rest of the fence can be made up of cast iron.


Installing a new pool in your yard is a great way to enjoy your backyard.



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