Pool Fences in Northern California  

There are a number of residential communities with pools installed in the backyard. It is not uncommon for these pools to be open without any fence or enclosure, and this can be dangerous. Accidental drownings are one of the major causes of deaths of children and a pool fence can help to remedy this very easily.

Pools need to have fences. This is one of the first rules of pool ownership. You need to make sure that the pool is fenced even if you don’t have kids. Pets and guests can have accidents near the pool also, but with a fence in place, safety will be your top priority. Many pools will have covers, but often these can be unsafe if they are not properly secured. The safest bet is to have a pool cover and a pool fence.

It is important to hire a reliable contractor when installing a fence for your pool. You want a material that is both durable and restrictive enough to keep even the most curious child out. Mesh fences offer spaces too small for a child’s hand or foot to get through. You want to make sure they are not able to climb over.

Safety in the pool is something that should never be taken for granted. The pool fence is special in the sense that the materials must be resistant to rust. Since your swimming pool is an investment, it is an area that needs to be well taken care of. Outside of safety, the pool fence can also keep debris away from your pool, which helps a great deal when it comes to maintenance.

It is important to understand and become familiar with the laws and regulations for pool fences in Northern California area. Pool safety id not taken lightly and you need to do your part.  Having a pool is fun and entertaining but when accidents occur, the fun soon disappears. Reach out to us here at Guardian, and we can help you get the right pool fence for your budget and get one that matches your yard.