A swimming pool in Los Angeles can be an excellent luxury, but for homeowners with young children or animals it can be a source of considerable concern, and with good reason. An open swimming pool can be a hazard for toddlers or pets who lack the ability to swim. According to the CDC, drowning accidents are the leading cause of death among children. Thankfully, there’s a wide range of fences designed to secure your pool.

You are going to want to have a pool fence that makes your pool as safe as possible, so professional installation is preferable.

Pool Fencing in Los Angeles

Guardian pool fences are both attractive and effective. Our fences are made with children in mind. See our pool fence comparison table.

  1. Our patented gate latch has been titled “The World’s Safest Gate Latch.”
  2. Guardian gates are non-climbable– with no top crossbar on the gate, children have nothing to grab in order to pull themselves over.
  3. Smaller fence poles for less noticeable holes, and a strong mesh fence net that can be easily taken down when necessary.
  4. Made to be removable and can also be made permanent by adding a locking deck sleeve. Depending on if it is for code requirements or just for safety.
  5. Guardian fences are available in 48″, 54″, and 60″ heights and a variety of colors. 48″ is the minimum height recommended by U.S.P.C.S.P.

See our original approval letter from the City Of Los Angeles

Why Our Pool Fence Is The Strongest?

Premier vs Original Pole

Over the course of our 20+ years in business, we have tested a variety of pole materials for strength and durability. The combination we found to be the safest and strongest is a PVC reinforced Marine Grade 6063 T6 aluminum pole secured to a ½” diameter chambered stainless steel rod.

The added stainless steel rod makes this pole virtually unbreakable at the fulcrum point and allows us to drill smaller holes in your deck: dime-size compared to half-dollars like most of our competitors and our Original Pole.

Guardian’s Premier Pool Fence is our newest, strongest, and most convenient pool fence system yet. We use the same top-quality mesh on all of our pool fence systems and our Premier Pole is the only we use with our custom-designed Pet Mesh.

Our headquarters are in Los Angeles


How Much Are Guardian Pool Fences?

We have, of course, many different styles of fence to choose from. This is why we are not able to give you a quote over the phone – we give FREE estimates, but we have to come out and see the job. Our price depends on several factors that we need to know before installation. These factors are:

  1. Type of mesh material
  2. Type of pool
  3. The height of the fence
  4. Installation involved (there may be stairs, dirt work, concrete work needed, etc.)

Our fences can be easily removed if you’d like to open up your pool deck temporarily. For code, however, we have to make your fence permanent in Los Angeles.

Installing a pool fence in Los Angeles can save lives. Thankfully, affordable models are widely available. 


Keep your swimming pool secure with a Guardian Pool Fence