Pool Fence Ideas

The Types Of Pool Fences – What Type You Should Choose?

Even though the purpose of the pool fence is to prevent children from accidental drowning, you still want your property to look nice. If you’ve been searching for pool fence ideas because you want to find the safest and the best-looking solution to match your backyard design you should consider the following:


Many people are worried that a pool fence will ruin the aesthetics of their property. To help you choose, here is a list of the type of pool fences manufactured from different materials:



Aluminum Tube

Tubular steel


Mesh Pool Fence


Here are the cons:


Glass fencing is extremely expensive and constantly cleaning both sides of the glass becomes another chore that will never end.

If you ever had a glass dining table you can imagine how much cleaning a glass pool fence would need. It requires lots of maintenance.

glass pool fence

Aluminum tube fencing takes away from the look of the overall pool area. This product really doesn’t look very nice around a pool.

 aluminum pool fence

Tubular steel requires maintenance against rust and again, takes away from the look of the overall pool area.

Wood fencing is also a maintenance problem and you can’t see the pool, so you don’t know if your children are inside the fence unless you run outside to check. This is a major safety issue for parents of small children. Again, this product wasn’t designed for pools.


Steel, aluminum, and wood fences are climbable. You would think if a child is big enough to climb a fence over then they probably can swim you are wrong. Children are very attracted to the pool. Smaller children do use patio furniture to pull themselves up to the fence and go over the top. A 4-year-old can easily grab and climb over a steel, iron or wood fencing. See our video.


Each kind of pool fence offers its advantages and disadvantages. Most fences were originally designed for other applications besides putting the fence around the pool. The one exception is the mesh pool fence. 

mesh pool fence

Mesh pool fences are great options when you plan to entertain in your backyard and children won’t be present or you plan to remove the fence when your children are old enough.

This type of pool fence was created for use around swimming pools and spas to prevent children from being able to get into the pool area. The design of this fence makes it very difficult for children to climb, open or crawl under the fence.


These fences come in many different colors to blend into the surrounding pool area. The focus stays with the pool and not on the fence if you put together the right combination of mesh color, pole color, and border material color. Mesh pool fences are offered in 4, 4.5 and 5-foot tall options.


Today, some of the better quality systems may even meet your local building codes. Some of the mesh designs on these fences are extremely transparent so you can see right into the pool. This allows adults to always know where your children are at one glance. The support poles are usually stainless steel or aluminum. The poles can also come in many different colors.


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