Pool Fence Ideas – With Pictures

Having a pool is a wonderful luxury that many people have, and during the warm weather everyone yearns to be soaking in the rays while staying cool in the water. The fact that so many pools exist creates widespread dangers (at every one of them, especially for young children). In fact, the leading cause of death for children under five is accidental pool drowning. For this reason, many areas require by law that you have fencing in place around your pool (and it’s a given for safety no matter who you are or where you live if you have one).

If you have children or grandchildren, or your kids of friends do, no matter how well you look after them, horror can strike when you least expect it. Any child can fall into a body of water and easily drown, it is all too common.  The best way to prevent this nightmare is to erect pool fencing using these ideas where applicable, and recommend them to anyone you know who does” not have pool fencing in place today. It’s all of our responsibility to look out for the kids, and ourselves.

Types of Pool Fencing:


rod iron pool fence

Iron Pool Fence – the most solid and impassable fence; this type of fence is ideal for those areas that are commercial or where there is high traffic. These fences prevent most all entry into the pool area, even when people deliberately try to break in, assuring absolute safety. Iron fences can be expensive and not removable. It’s perfect for apartments or commercial pools.



mesh pool fence

Mesh Pool Fence – the best choice in pool fencing; this is also the most cost effective and meets most legal requirements (for building codes). It will prevent average accidental pool area entry and make your pool area safe for the neighborhood you or your grandchildren (or other guest children). It’s perfect for residential homes and private homes.



glass pool fence

Glass Pool Fence – this is a beautiful alternative to regular fencing and can add value to your home. This option is ideal for high-value homes as it adds a touch of class and is a luxury item. This option will also make your home look larger, and appear more appealing to guests. Glass fence however is expensive and it is very hard to keep clean. It also might not be your safest option because glass can break and injure people around.



There are many benefits to each type of pool fence, but for most people’s general purposes, you will find that the Mesh Pool Fence is going to work out best. Most people can afford it, not so with iron and glass fences. It gets the job done, protecting children and you. Remember, you can be held liable and sued if children were to meet a horrible fate in your pool. Avoid tragedy and loss by getting a fence for your pool is a must for the safety of everyone concerned.