Pool Fence Ideas for Your Backyard


Installing a pool fence is not just about adding some character to your yard, it is also about safety. Owning a pool is a big responsibility and having a pool fence is a necessity in terms of protecting your loved ones. Getting a pool fence should not be a choice, but the kind of fence you get can be. You can choose from many styles and designs as well as materials including wood, metal, glass, ad mesh. You should always meet with a professional first to evaluate the best type of fence for your pool and your budget.

Pool Fence Ideas for Your Backyard

Metal Fencing

The smooth and sleek finish of metal fences often makes them seem the most attractive at first. Metal fences do add a sharp look to the yard and are one of the most durable and sturdy types you can get. They are also a little more expensive than other materials and if you already spent a lot of the budget on the pool itself, a metal fence may be a little too pricey. The best part about metal fencing is that you can typically choose between many colors and designs, so it is easy to match the fence to your home and yard decor. One option is to place decorative concrete slabs at even intervals with the fencing to create a distinct look. Depending on the pool location in your yard and the overall size of the yard, a tall metal fence or even a brick one may be better to separate out the yard.

Wood Fencing

Wood fences provide a more natural and classic look and give you extra privacy as people cannot see through the wooden pieces. Wood lattice fences are a great way to keep the pool visible and remove some of the bulk wood fences are known to have. Wood is also expensive, although not as high in price as metal fencing can be. The upkeep for wood fences is the one downside because you have to clean the wood regularly to prevent dirt buildup and fading. In addition to this, you need to re-do the finish every few years, or the wood looks chipped and dull. Wood fences can also be painted to match the home or yard decor, but this will have to be re-done often as well to ensure it maintains a crisp appearance and does not become too dull.

Glass Fencing

Glass fences are becoming more popular because they provide safety without a bulky eyesore. These fences are also expensive like metal fencing because of the material costs. Glass is also very difficult to maintain and requires regular upkeep and regular washing and wiping to keep them looking clear. Dirty glass fencing can be very unsightly. The benefit to glass fences is that they are not imposing, so for smaller yards, they work better and do not appear to take over the yard.

More affordable options

Mesh fences are the most affordable option in pool fencing but this doesn’t mean they are not good quality. Mesh fencing provides security and because there are no large holes, they are almost impossible to climb. The material is relatively see-through, so these fences are not considered as bulky or unsightly either. Mesh fences are the quickest to install land require no upkeep.

Vinyl fences are more expensive than mesh but are cheaper than metal, wood or glass options. Vinyl is easy to clean and maintain and can also be bought in a variety of colors. Just be aware that as more vinyl is used, the pricing increases significantly, so for higher fences or larger areas, it may be better to stick with a mesh option if budget is a concern. Whatever style or material you want, there is a pool fence for you. What matters is safety, and as a pool owner, getting a pool fence is the priority. Look into your options today and keep your pool safe and fun.


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