(Guardian) The Best Pool Fence Gate - What to Look for in a Pool Fence Gate

Pool fence gates are built up in various styles that match the different types of pools. Pool gates provide extra protection by setting the gate lock at a point that children can’t easily access. Other designs of pool fence gates install an active alarm that gives a warning whenever someone trespass the boundary of the gate. Many pool owners despise the importance of pool fencing and disregard it as a necessity. However, a pool fence is one of the most critical parts of home pool security.

The Best Pool Fence Gate – What to Look for in a Pool Fence Gate?

A pool fence is as essential as the gate. Besides, exceptional parenting and the warning signs in pool areas may not be sufficient in ensuring the safety of your child. For safety guaranteed, it is always advisable to ensure that your pool is securely locked. Pool gates are the best alternatives to safeguard a pool rather than have a guard or a parent on the lookout. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, the best way to entirely prevent your children from going past the pool fence is to reduce the gaps in the barricade of the pool fence and establish automatic closing gates.

Pool fence gates should be installed at every point that gives access to a pool beside the main entrance to the pool. Most pools usually have an extra pool gate since every gate will mostly lead to various parts of the property. Pool gates offer protection to every person especially the children since they are the most vulnerable. Inspection of your pool fence and gates should be mandatory for every spring opening or a routine activity done regularly with both intent and purpose. It’s easy for a tragedy to strike with open doors or fences that give access to the pool. Recently, there have been many cases of small kids drowning in their neighborhood pools which were exposed and not protected by proper gates and pool fences. The following are some tips for inspecting your pool gate for safety:

  • You should regularly check for leaning fence, loose posts, and loose boards
  • Always ensure that openings or slats of a pool fence are not more than 3 inches.
  • Always ensure that the space that lies between the ground and the bottom of the fence is not more than 3 inches
  • Always check the exterior for items that could make it easier for anyone to climb over the pool fence to the inside
  • Inspect all the gates and ensure that closing and latching is automated
  • Use unique and extra-ordinary padlock gates

The two major types of pool fences

  1. A 4-sided pool fence

If your pool is four-sided, this implies that it’s independent of other structures. This is a significant advantage since they are the safest types of pool fences. However, not all four-sided pool fences can meet the level of safety of the newer models. You should ensure that your pool fence gates use periodic adjustment hinges and latches for self-closing and self-latching. Self-closing implies that the gate will automatically shut behind you. In case your gate is not self-close, get 8 or 12-inch spring and fix one end to the fence post and the other to the gate. This will easily convert your gate to a self-closing pool fence gate. Another suitable option is the Ball & Chain type of fence closer. It involves a ball that is connected to a chain and serves as a weight that pulls the gate closed. It’s a suitable alternative to a side mounted spring that shut your pool fence gates. On the other hand, self-latching addresses the issue of gates that close without latching securely. You can have some adjustments or repositioning of your hinges and latches to ensure that the pool gates self-latch securely.

  1. A 3-sided pool fence

A 3-sided fence is attached to another structure especially a house on one side. The structure acts as the fourth fence. This type of wall is suitable at preventing the outside world. However, it compromises the safety of all those within the house. If your pool fence is 3-sided, you should stick to the above six listed tips for safety. However, you should pay more attention to all the doors that give access to the pool. You should ensure that they are self-closing and self-latching. Automatic door closing devices are meant for regular doors and sliding glass doors. You also need to install door alarms to ensure that you get an alert whenever someone enters the pool area. Ensure that the devices are always active and keep the battery fresh and full. Door alarms can be highly effective in ensuring maximum safety for your children and the children of your visitors.


Improve your 3-sided pool fence by constructing an additional small interior fence between your pool and the house. Otherwise, incorporate any other barriers between the two. A fence is not the only effective barrier. You can also use low shrubbery, long benches, or even large plants that restrict and direct access without interfering with the view of the pool from the house. There is a saying that goes like, good fences make good neighbors. A good fence will guarantee maximum protection against any child from falling into the pool. Always keep your pool safe by carrying out an inspection and audit of your pool fence and gate safety. Safety starts with you. Make it a priority, and you will have the best time in your pool.

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