Pool Fence Gate Designs

The pool fence is only as safe as the gate it is attached to

Pool fence gates are constructed in a number of styles to suit various sorts of pools. Helpful pool gates offer extra protection by positioning the gate lock at a place where children cannot easily have access to it. There are other pool fence gate designs that install an effective alarm that sounds off if the boundary of the gate is violated. In fact, pool fences are a disregarded necessity for pool fencing by many pool owners. Nonetheless, a pool fence is an essential part of home pool security.


Essentially, a pool fence is only as safe and sound as the gate it is attached to. Additionally, in today’s society exceptional parenting may not be sufficient to save a child, along with warning signs and inhibiting various pool areas. To put a parent’s mind at ease, a pool area must be securely locked. Pool gates are the next best safeguard around a pool, subsequent to an actual parent or adult being there.

Consensus from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission states that “the best way to prevent children from getting pass a pool fence is to limit the size of the gaps in the pool gate barricade and to utilize automatic closing gates.”

Pool fence gates should be issued at all points that permit access to a pool and not only the primary entrance to the pool. Frequently pools, especially at hotels and other establishments will necessitate an additional pool gate since in most circumstances each gate will have access to different parts of a property. Pool fence gates are protection for everyone, especially the most vulnerable: children.


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