Pool Fence Cost

How much does your pool fence cost?

Swimming is a great recreational activity that everyone enjoys. Homeowners prefer to put up swimming pools while building up a house.

Having kids and pets around your home, it is advised that you fence your swimming pool to avoid them drowning into the pool in your absence. It might be costly to fence your pool but it’s a worthy course to take.

It is very difficult for us to give you a set price here. The cost of a pool fence depends on various factors like the height of the fence, type, color and also durability. Pool fence contractors also come up with a different cost. This is why we like to go out and give you a FREE ESTIMATE!

  • The height of your fence is your choice because it’s not a standard. The contractors are in a better position to advise you on the best height for your pool fence and the cost. Remember the higher the fence, the higher the fence cost because a lot of materials will be used and either way, your kids will be safer not to even climb on the pool fence.
  • The pool fence cost will also include the type of gate that you install depending on the choice of the homeowner. Most homeowners prefer one self-closing gate that is easy to operate even for the kids and the cost is pocket-friendly.
  • The cost of a pool fence that is removable is much more costly as compared to a permanent one. This needs a contractor who is well conversant to the construction of the removable fence. It has an added advantage because when the pool is not fenced, the pool area looks big and the kids can play and run around the pool area. This can be a bit costly as well because the homeowner will be required to buy a pool cover while the fence is not on.

You should never debate on the cost of fencing your pool. The cost is not compared to the well being of your kids or family members. If we start weight the cost of pool fence to the life of your children, it can turn up to be too expensive that no figure can reach to.

Fencing your pool is not a luxury that can be done away with but a need that all the pool owners should consider. Imagine coming from work and meeting all your pets in the pool just because you were saving some cash and avoid fencing your pool. SAFETY FIRST!



Do you need a pool fence?