Pool Fence Chandler AZ

Located within the Phoenix metropolitan area, Chandler Arizona, is a high tech industrial city with its original roots in agriculture.  Home to more than eight museums, Chandler has a rich and diverse culture.  It is an excellent place to relocate to.  Whether you are moving from another state or from another part of the metropolitan area Chandler has plenty to offer you.  The area’s exceptional educational facilities and strong technology background create a comfortable lifestyle for both individuals and families alike.   

Pool Fence Chandler AZ

The city is home to a vibrant, diverse community with over 97 thousand homes.  In the first quarter of 2014 the average price per square foot for a Chandler home was $133 and the median sales price was $234,000.  Popular neighbors for Chandler include Sun Groves and Cooper Commons.  Home values have increased 1.7% in the last year. 

In Arizona the average is more than 300 days of sunshine, and with temperatures averaging in the 100 degrees during the summer months, a backyard pool is a must.  The city requires that all swimming pools be located in the back yard and that the water’s edge be at least five feet from any side or back property line.  Additionally, all pools must be enclosed by a fence.  The fence must be at least six feet high and must not exceed seven feet.  They must also be made out of masonry, concrete, or decorate wrought iron fencing.      

Swimming pools are a common sight in the area.  They present a great way to cool off and get exercise.  However, swimming pools also present a serious risk.  Swimming pool accidents and deaths occur in the metropolitan area every year.  Young children are particularly vulnerable to accidental drowning’s.  As a result, pool safety is a must.  Constant eye contact supervision is the key to prevent drowning’s.  Never leave a child unattended around a pool.  In addition to the required fence, be sure your pool is equipped with a self-closing, self-locking gate.  Keep items away from the fence to prevent children from climbing over it.  Keep lifesaving equipment near the pool.  Also, if possible, all caregivers should know CPR.