Pool Fence Atlanta?

Where Is Your Pool Fence Atlanta?

Swimming pools are big in the Atlanta Georgia area, and not just physically, but also recreationally. The weather is ideal for swimming pools, and families are quick to install one. Pool parties are often on a weekly basis. The pleasures of the cool water and exercise are always sure to draw friends and neighbors. Children are especially drawn to a swimming pool.

However, many children are involved in unfortunate accidents in swimming pools; not just in the Atlanta area, but all over the United States. It’s always a tragic event when a child is drowned or near-drowned in a swimming pool. Children are our most precious asset.

Avoiding the majority, if not all of those accidents, is often simply a matter of installing a pool fence with a locking gate. Where’s your pool fence, Atlanta?

With the prominence of fence companies in the Atlanta area, there really is no reason why a residential swimming pool should be without a fence. There is nothing to be gained by saving a few dollars but there is a lot to potentially be lost.

There are many styles of swimming pool fences to select from including:

  •  Aluminum Ornamental – An amazing array of different designs
  •  Wood – The types of wood options include Cedar, Maple, Pine and more. Wood is probably the best option for privacy.
  •  Wrought Iron – With fancy designs or simple, basic designs
  •  PVC Vinyl – Probably the most versatile
  •  Mesh – Easy to install
  • Chain Link – One of the most durable and long lasting

So, where’s your pool fence Atlanta? With so many options, it’s a crime to not have one. In fact, in most states, it is a crime to have a pool without a locking, gated fence.

Most styles of pool fencing are reasonably easy to install for the average do-it-yourself enthusiast who has the proper tools, patience and know-how. With the Internet as a resource, you will find many videos that can guide you through the installation process.

Prices also vary with companies and styles but the average price for pool fencing usually runs between $13 and $19 per linear foot. In the long run, that’s far less costly than the fine you will pay and/or the loss of a child.

For the sake of your family, your neighbors and your peace of mind, get your pool fence, Atlanta. Enjoying your pool will be so much easier once you know it’s secure. You’ll probably sleep a lot better too.


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