Why Pool Covers Are Not the Answer For Safety


Most people have pools in their homes and it becomes really challenging when they want to cover them up. It is really important for the pool to be covered as it is dangerous for small children or pets. They can easily fall in there and get hurt or worse cases die. Covering the pool also prevents dust or dirty leaves and plants. There are different types of pool covers like the ones that cover during winter and others during fall. Others have meshes which cover the whole pool and prevent things from getting in.

The pool covers are not easy to use and one person cannot do it alone. It needs to have two people to help each other remove and place it. One holds one end while the other takes the other end. They are not always safe as after they have been placed over the pool, water still comes on top. Rainfall can collect on top as well. This water can still be dangerous as when a baby or pet falls on the cover, they can still be harmed by the water. This water can be very hazardous as the children can play with it and even drink it and the chlorine may affect them. It is again not safe as a person may forget to place the cover after using the pool and leave it open. This is very tricky as you cannot always remind someone to close the pool. Once they forget, they put everyone at risk.

 Why Pool Safety Covers Are Not The Answer For Safety

Pool covers need to be on the pool all the time and it may be dangerous when one is alone in the pool and a call comes in. They may need to run in the house and pick the call and accidents can happen within a second. A child or pet may run outside and fall in the pool before the person ends their phone conversation and this may be dangerous. Sometimes the pool covers have various malfunctions that may refuse to work after the covers have been used for a while. It may become saggy or the meshes may start pulling out and leave huge gaps. This may not be good for the pool as the cover will not serve its purpose well.

It is always nice to cover your pool but pool covers are necessarily not the safest. They have various risks with them and this may cause a lot of damages to the entire family. The best thing to use may be the fence as it is permanent and it is there 24/7. One cannot forget to close it and it doesn’t require two people to use it. It is the safest and it is what most people should use to cover their pool.