Pay For Installation or DIY Pool Fence?

What Does It Take To Install Your Own Pool Fence?


pool fenceIf you just finished installing your brand new pool or are eyeing the completion in the coming months, more likely than not you just can’t wait to hop into the water and swim to your heart’s content. There is only one problem. You need to have a fence installed around the pool This is by city ordinance and there isn’t anything you can do about it. The ordinance is set up to protect both humans and animals from falling into the water, so you must abide by the rules and install a pool fence. The only real question you have left to ask yourself is if you should do it yourself and install the fence, or if you should pay for the installation. There are pros and cons for both services, you just need to determine what works better for you.


If you decide to pay for someone to install the fence you pretty much know what you are going to receive. You know the fence is going to be installed correctly and you know about how long it is going to take. This way, you know exactly when you’re able to swim in the pool and when construction around your house is finally complete. Of course, the price for a service installation is somewhat more expensive than what it would take if you decided to install the pool on your own. Depending on the size of the pool and your yard this installation labor fee may be rather expensive, sending up the total bill for your new pool by a considerable amount.


On the other hand, should you opt into installing the pool by yourself it is possible to save about $3 per foot over hiring professionals. Of course, installing a pool fence is not as easy as you might think. You need a drill guide in order to make sure the fence goes up straight. If it doesn’t, the entire fence not only is installed incorrectly but it is against city ordinance laws and it is possible for you to receive a citation, both fining you and requiring you to tear the fence down and install it again. Unless you have experience installing fences yourself, you might want to opt into paying for this particular service, just to make sure it is done correctly. If not, you may end up paying more to install the fence yourself.



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