Parents Of Drowned Child Upset At Lack Of Safety Regulations

Owning a backyard with pool is the dream of many homeowners, as it adds incredible usability to the yard, allowing you to get outside more, enjoy the weather and bring your family and friends together. While the local area does have specific laws regarding a backyard with pool and that you must have a fence surrounding the entire pool of at least five feet in height, the entire country does not have such a law. Different communities do have regulations to follow, and these regulations are not all the same as what it is here. This needs to change and it is very important to force the federal government to create laws for the entire country in order to protect children of all ages.


The number one cause of death to children under the age of five is drowning and the number two reason behind death for individuals up to the age of 18 is drowning. The majority of these deaths are linked to a pool, and there really is no reason why such deaths should occur. By implementing laws throughout the entire country it is possible to greatly reduce the number of deaths that might occur due to the water and the pool. Pools are designed to be enjoyed by an entire family, friends and relatives, not the cause of a tragic scene. Such an event often causes significant issues within the family after the death, as many married couples actually end up in divorce, due to the situation. There is no reason why a pool should force an entire family to break apart in such a way, yet sadly it does. Due to this, the federal government needs to be made aware of these issues and informed of what they need to do.




There are all sorts of different pools, and it doesn’t really matter what kind of pool it is. Should the pool be an above ground or below ground pool, have a max depth of five feet or 10, you are going to find it is possible for a drowning to occur at any depth and in any kind of pool. In fact, many of the children who drown actually know how to swim, they just fell into the water accidentally and couldn’t make their way out. Until the government takes a stand and implements a new law, these continual deaths are likely to still occur.


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