13 06, 2021

Check Your Pool Gate Today!


Pool gates should automatically close and latch by itself with its release mechanism at the top of the gate. The gate's latch should also be [...]

Check Your Pool Gate Today!2021-06-13T05:07:30-07:00
5 05, 2021

Reasons You Need a Pool Fence


Most people know that having a pool is fun. But, having a pool is also a big responsibility. Beyond regular maintenance is the necessity to [...]

Reasons You Need a Pool Fence2021-03-14T19:15:39-07:00
6 04, 2021

When Should I Open My Pool For Summer?


“When should I open my pool?” A question most pool owners ask once the weather starts to warm up. It is not just as easy [...]

When Should I Open My Pool For Summer?2021-03-11T14:54:17-08:00
28 02, 2021

5 Swimming Myths Debunked


Is swimming good for you? Can you swim after you eat? There are a number of common myths about swimming that may keep you from [...]

5 Swimming Myths Debunked2020-12-25T09:53:52-08:00
15 02, 2021

Chlorine and Your Dog: What Should You Know?


Having your pet jump in the pool is common nowadays but many people worry that chlorine can be dangerous for their furry friends. The good [...]

Chlorine and Your Dog: What Should You Know?2020-12-16T17:26:16-08:00
30 01, 2021

The Good and Bad of Different Types of Pools


  You have decided it is time to get a pool. But which type do you get? There are different varieties. Your options include: Above-ground [...]

The Good and Bad of Different Types of Pools2021-03-22T18:28:20-07:00
15 01, 2021

Explaining Pool Safety to Teens and Young Adults


  Little kids are always number one when it comes to pool safety, but your protection shouldn’t stop there. You still have to protect them [...]

Explaining Pool Safety to Teens and Young Adults2020-11-23T14:40:37-08:00
15 12, 2020

Winter Pool Maintenance


It is worthwhile to invest in pool maintenance. Everyday pool care and maintenance go a long way in saving you the stress and time that [...]

Winter Pool Maintenance2020-04-23T17:21:20-07:00
18 11, 2020

The Basics of Pool Maintenance


Being a pool owner comes with big responsibilities. It is important to keep your pool safe and healthy for use. You need the proper pool [...]

The Basics of Pool Maintenance2020-11-20T14:18:05-08:00
13 11, 2020

Pool Fence In Los Angeles


A swimming pool in Los Angeles can be an excellent luxury, but for homeowners with young children or animals it can be a source of [...]

Pool Fence In Los Angeles2020-11-13T10:37:27-08:00
10 11, 2020

Pool Fence Regulations


Is Your Pool Fence Approved? Los Angeles County has given its approval to meet its strict building code to Guardian's 5-foot mesh pool fence. The city's [...]

Pool Fence Regulations2020-11-13T10:39:12-08:00
15 10, 2020

Ways to Protect Your Pool from Freeze Damage


Not everyone will close down their pools during winter. Usually, you will find that several pool owners decide to keep the pools open at this [...]

Ways to Protect Your Pool from Freeze Damage2020-06-09T14:03:12-07:00
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