New Trends In Pool Designs

trends in swimming pool design and technology


The warm weather months will be here in no time. Now is the perfect part of the year to begin planning and designing your pool. Recently, there have been several trends that have taken the pool market by storm. These trends are designed to make having a pool easier and more enjoyable. Here are a few of the top trends in pools for the coming season. You might consider using one of these ideas to help create the pool of your dreams.


– Smart Technology

Smart technology makes life much easier for pool owners. You can simply press a button to control everything from lighting to heat. By using a simple remote you can control all of the functions without having to break a sweat. Owning a pool just got even easier and more enjoyable with new smart technology.


– Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are not only beautiful, they are great for creating a masterpiece if you have uneven ground to work with. This design takes advantage of homes that are located on hills, cliffs, or slopes. Traditional pools would be quite a challenge when it comes to style, but the infinity blends seamlessly into the edge of a piece of land and creates the look of blending with the horizon. This style is a big plus when it comes to adding style and potentially selling your property later on.


– Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools have become incredibly popular because the maintenance is much lower than chlorine pools. They naturally prevent algae buildup and prevent bacteria and other organisms from breeding naturally. They don’t burn your eyes and damage your hair like traditional chlorine pools tend to do. They also cost much less to keep up than a chlorinated pool. There are many bonuses to having a salt water pool which is why you might seriously want to consider it as opposed to the chlorinated version.


– Natural Pools

Natural pools use common features that are found in your yard or in nature and disguise the pool using those items. A natural pool can be built to mimic a pond or a dock even. Many people do elaborate landscaping to help integrate the structure of the pool into the design. Some people even paint the bottom a darker color so that it in no way looks like a pool.


There are many ways that you can tailor your pool to suit your personal taste and lifestyle. If you are a busy person, you may use a few of these ideas to help you maintain your pool so that you don’t have to devote so much time to the upkeep. Salt water pools with smart technology are the best bet to help you care for the pool while also saving time and money. If you face terrain challenges you may be able to take advantage of the option to have an infinity pool. You may also boost the value of your property with a skillfully designed and beautiful pool addition. These are all things to keep in mind when you are planning to add one to your property.