Are You Moving Into a House With A Pool?


If you have found a good house in a perfect environment for the right price but it has a swimming pool, there are certain considerations, which you will have to make. Before buying such a house, you need to make sure that it won’t sink you. How can you achieve this?


house with a pool



Is a pool really worth it?

The benefits of having a swimming pool are quite clear and well laid out. A quick swim just outside your house offers you a certain element of enjoyment and recreation. However, the flipside of having a home with a pool can also prove to be a tidal wave of responsibility that many buyers would want to walk away from. Issues to do with pool maintenance, insurance, safety, and home value concerns have to come into the picture when you are weighing your options.


Pool maintenance

Some of the common costs which you need to think about before moving into a house that has a pool include daily filtering and heating, inspections, weekly cleaning, occasional repairs and also aspects that are related to in-ground pools. If you would like a pool to offer you some good service, you will have to heat and filter the water on a regular basis. Pool cleaning and repairs will also cost you some money both in the short term and in the long term.


Insurance and safety

Keeping pets, kids and visitors safe from any sort of pool-related injury and drowning is also another aspect that you need to consider when you are moving into a house that has a pool. Just make sure that the pool meets the minimum safety code requirements for the city where the house is situated. Some of the elements to look at include alarms, fences and other additional safety features.


Impact to the value of the home

There are high chances that your insurance might be higher if there is a pool in the compound.  When you are getting insurance for a house with a pool, you need to make sure you have a very clear idea of what is really covered in the policy. In areas, which experience warmer climates, pools are quite common and they help to boost the value of a home. In colder climates, pools might not add any value to a home as such.