The Best Music For Your Pool Party



Everyone knows that each pool party owes a good chunk of its atmosphere to the music. Everyone’s memories are bound together with the music that played during those memorable moments, and it’s thanks to music that we’re able to delve into pleasant nostalgia. But enough of reminiscence! Let’s present some music that will increase the number of smiles on your party guests’ faces.


Bob Marley


It seems like reggae was born to be part of a good party. And who else we should choose than the uncrowned king of reggae, Bob Marley? Even though he died prematurely, he left behind many great records full of compassion, happiness, and peace. There’s hardly a bad choice for a party when it comes to his material. Even songs that might have been written as sad, such as the famed No Woman No Cry, are smooth, pleasant, and relaxing to a huge number of people, so it’s sure to be a hit even at a happy gathering. There are so many other great Bob Marley songs and albums that are party staples that it’s hard to mention them all, so let’s name a few pieces like Could You Be Loved, Sun Is Shining, I Shot the Sheriff, and Get Up, Stand Up.


Max Romeo and the Upsetters


Another evergreen of summer is unsurprisingly a reggae artist too. Together with Bob Marley, Max Romeo is one of the cornerstones of the reggae that we know today. His biggest hit, I Chase the Devil, is perhaps even better known as part of the song Out of Space by The Prodigy, where it was heavily sampled. You won’t go wrong if you choose Romeo’s album War Ina Babylon.


Brazilian Girls


It seems this band was formed just to be played at pool parties. Their eclectic blend of many traditional musical genres as tango, chanson, and lounge combined with electronic and pop music makes for a very soothing experience. Without doubt, the largest contribution to this sound comes from the singer Sabina Sciubba, whose soothing and playful vocals can be heard in several different languages. The album Talk to La Bomb or the self-titled debut with the well-known song Lazy Lover are best for evening or night parties. These beats perfectly complement the scent of night air. By the way, none of the members are actually Brazilian!





Even though their later material is more introspective and melancholic, the early Blur records sport a joyful mood. Albums Park Life and The Great Escape, with many of their greatest hits like Girls and Boys, Park Life, Country House, and Charmless Man, will make your party dance to brit-pop and jump into your pool with even greater enthusiasm (which is no wonder, since the video for Girls and Boys features many scenes from a water park).




Even though they didn’t release much material, Toploader’s cheerful sound is forever imprinted in the minds of everyone who at least once heard their cover of Dancing in the Moonlight (originally by King Harvest). Their playful music almost forces you to dance, so be careful not to spill your drink!




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