Modern Backyard Design

Backyard Design From The 22nd Century

The elusive American dream of owning a comfortable home is well and alive. Among other things, comfort means a livable modern backyard ideal for relaxing and entertaining guests. The modern backyard design is a luxury outdoor landscape featuring fully equipped kitchens, bars, television, music systems, and fireplaces. It is in effect an extension of the living spaces inside the house.


The Patio

The typical modern patio or terrace is relatively bigger than its earlier counterparts because of the growing preference of family members for the lively outdoor ambiance. For instance, enjoying barbecues, dining alfresco, swimming in the pool, listening to music, or simply lounging over some refreshing drinks in the patio provides pleasurable relaxation after a stressful day. The outdoor kitchen is such a hot issue it has become even more detailed than the inner kitchen to include a bar, built-in or portable barbecues, grills, gas-fed stoves and ovens, a refrigerator and wine coolers.

The patio materials can come in an array of colors, sizes and shapes depending on the overall architectural theme of the house. A natural-looking patio can be created from natural stones, pavers, bricks, hard concrete slabs, slate, flagstone or fieldstone. A trellis can be added to accommodate vines and aerial plants that contribute to a semblance of freshness.

The Swimming Pool

Time was when swimming pools were meant only for the wealthy and famous. Today, no matter how small or big, a swimming pool is fast catching up as an essential element of every modern home. It too comes in different types, sizes and shapes depending on the size of the backyard and the type of terrain. The latest trend in swimming pools is the infinity edge or vanishing edge swimming pool. Pool water flows continuously toward the edge, giving an illusion of infinity. For the safety of children and pets, it is wise to provide your swimming pool with a self-locking pool fence. The fence should be high enough to prevent children from climbing and should have no gaps to disallow access.

Lighting and Heating

The modern look of your backyard can be enhanced by modern landscape lights with sleek designs in stainless steel or chrome. Consider using floodlights, up lights, down lights, indirect lighting , recessed lighting or LED string lighting. For heating, elegant steel fire bowls, classy fire pit tables or electric outdoor heater lamps will complement the modern style of your backyard.


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