Mesh Pool Safety Fence vs. Glass Fence

Which One Is Safer?


A pool safety fence is absolutely necessary for any pool owner, there are two main types of pool safety fences on the market, the glass pool fence and the mesh pool safety fence. Which fence is safer?


The Glass Pool Fence


The glass pool fence has many advantages but equally has many disadvantages. The advantages of a glass pool fence are primarily cosmetic.


Advantages of the Glass pool fence
• Glass pool fences look great
• Glass pool fences can make your yard appear larger


The disadvantages of the glass pool fence include:
• Glass pool fences are seen through and cause injuries from guests running into them
• Glass pool fences are designed to shatter in tiny pieces of glass
• Glass pool fences are really hard to maintain and keep clean


While glass pools are cosmetically attractive they are not the safest choice.


The Mesh Pool Safety Fence

The mesh pool safety fence has been proven to be tired and true in pool protection. The advantages of the mesh pool safety fence far outweigh the disadvantages.


Advantages of the Mesh Pool Fence
• Mesh Pool Fences are removable
• Mesh Pool Fences offer self-latching gates
• Mesh Pool Fences are resistant to climbing toddlers
• Mesh Pool Fences include any number of safe and durable posts


The disadvantages of the Mesh Pool Fence are few and far between
• Mesh pool fences are removable and during pool parties can leave an area of a pool open to accidents.
Mesh pool fences are not tension resistant and may require minor adjustments for time to time


At the end of the day when considering what type of fencing will be the safest for your family the bottom line is the tried and true far outweighs the minor cosmetic advantages of the newest fad on the market.


Do you need a pool fence?