Mesh Pool Fence vs. Wrought Iron

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When choosing pool safety fencing, homeowners sometimes, and often regrettable, opt for style over function. Choosing a style of fence that does not adequately serve its intended purpose can prove catastrophic, as fencing which is chosen for its aesthetic value may not have the ability to prevent small children from entering the pool.


Wrought Iron Fencing
Sometimes referred to as wrought iron fencing, as the name implies, wrought iron fencing is built from iron wrought welded together in a predominately vertical pattern. Rod iron pool fences come in various configurations and can be custom made to specification.


Wrought iron fences are highly decorative, adding a dramatic visual appeal that most other types of fencing lack. Wrought  iron fences can also add value to a home, depending on the style.


The problem with wrought iron fences, when used as a swimming pool safety fence, is that there are most often gaps between the iron wrought that are more than wide enough for a small, and curious, child to squeeze through. Because of this, wrought iron fences are not suitable for use as swimming pool safety fencing to protect an unsupervised child from entering the pool area.


Mesh Fencing
Overall, the best choice for a swimming pool safety fence is some form of mesh fencing. Mesh fences come in various styles and materials, including wire and plastic, with chain link being perhaps the most common and well-known form of mesh fencing used for swimming pool safety fences.


Mesh pool fences are designed specifically to prevent unsupervised children from entering the pool area, as the spaces in the mesh are only a few inches wide. Additionally, mesh pool fences will also keep unwanted animals, such as wandering dogs and cats, and even wild animals, out of the pool area.


In addition to being the best choice from a safety perspective, mesh pool fencing is quick to install, easy to maintain and is significantly more cost-effective than most other types of fencing.



Glass fences, an alternative to steel fences although they look great are much more popular in Australia. Not so in the US as the cost can be prohibitive, as too can strict building codes and also the hassle of keeping the actual glass panels clean. For us Americans however, the best choice by far is mesh pool fencing.



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