Mesh Fences For Dogs

Mesh Fences for Dogs

Much like children, dogs and other pets have a knack for getting into areas you’d rather they stay out of. All too often these escapades into forbidden territory result in damaged property, landscaping, or, in the worst cases, injury to pets themselves. A strong, reliable pet fence is priceless when it comes to preventing accidents and heartache.

Most fencing designed to impede young children proves an ineffective barrier for a determined pet. Dogs in particular tend to have an unlimited supply of enthusiasm, which they’ll happily direct towards fence-annihilation for hours on end. Add to that the strength and agility of even the smallest, mellowest dog and it’s easy to see that a pet fence requires different standards than a childproof fence.

A pet fence must be able to withstand the worst of canine assaults:

  • Repeated jumping or pushing against the fence.
  • Chewing and/or clawing and digging at the fence.
  • Jumping or climbing over the fence.

While safety for your pet is priority number one, other fencing considerations are also important; portability if the fence will be moved often, and appearance — a pet fence doesn’t have to be an eyesore.

The mesh fence for dogs offers a solution for all the above concerns:

  • Strong poles and latches won’t bend or break.
  • strong, fine-woven mesh material provides no purchase for teeth or claws.
  • No gaps or protrusions for agile feet to climb.
  • Available in a variety of heights to deter even the best jumpers.
  • Sleek, attractive design with see-through mesh.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble, move or store.
  • Durable against weather extremes and suitable for all climates.

It’s important a mesh fence to be high enough that dogs can’t chew on the upper edge. Likewise, as with any fence, the lower border should be close to the ground along its entire length — most dogs will readily take advantage of any gaps to squeeze through or as an invitation to begin digging.

Mesh pet fencing is the ideal temporary fence — versatile and lightweight, its length, location or arrangement can be adjusted with ease, and the fence can be rolled or folded for convenient storage. Cleaning is a breeze with a garden hose. High-quality materials ensure your mesh pet fence will provide years of service protecting your property and your pets.

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