Maximize Space Around Pool

swimming-pool-4How to Maximize the Space Around Your Pool

An outdoor pool is a marvelous addition to any home. However, some pools can be on the tight side and it’s important to take some steps to open the space up. With a few tricks, you can make even the smallest pool spaces seem large and spacious.


Potted plants are popular accessories for outdoor spots. However, this greenery can sometimes take up valuable space. Instead, consider hanging plants to add a touch of green to your outdoor pool. Plants can be hung from the corners of an awning over the pool and will give you the same satisfaction as bulky, floor plants that take up precious space in their pots. Plus, with the plants placed higher up, they will be more at eye level and easier to enjoy. You can use this technique for a number of plant types, from flowers to vines and potted fruits and vegetables.


Choose outdoor furniture that doesn’t take up space. A small, wrought iron table in a corner is less cumbersome than a full dining table meant for the outdoors. And folding chairs that can be put away when you need the space make up for large lounge chairs that are kept out all season long. You can install a shelf or counter along one wall of the pool area, where drinks and other items can be placed. This can take the place of larger tables and give you efficiency without taking up floor space.


If possible, remove any items from the pool area that are superfluous. For example, an area where pool towels are housed in a basket can be moved inside. A bin with pool toys and snorkel equipment can be stored in the garage. Radio equipment or a bar area isn’t necessary when a party isn’t being hosted, and they can be positioned elsewhere in the home. And gardening or pool cleaning tools can be also stored indoors so that space around the pool is not being taken up. When space is limited, paying attention to these small details can have a big impact in how spacious the entire area appears to be.


A grill is a wonderful adornment to any outdoor space, but they can be large and take up an enormous amount of space. Instead, look for smaller grills or even grills meant to be set up on top of a table. This makes for easy grilling when you’re entertaining. Then, you just pack up the grill and put it away. There’s no need for an entire corner of your deck to be taken up by the bulky piece of equipment. Or, look for grills that you can set up in other areas of the home, like the front driveway or the lawn area.


Use color to make the space around your pool seem more spacious. Dark colors tend to make space seem smaller, while lighter colors open an area up. With this in mind, choose tile or decking colors that are light and airy. The flooring around the pool can be light and bright, making the space seem larger. You can even paint the home walls around the pool in these lighter colored shades. Also choose furnishings and accessories in lighter colors, for an overall effect that makes the pool area seem open and light.

Whatever options you choose, make sure your pool space reflects your own personal tastes. Every area of your home should be an outlet of your personality and your own vision and style should always be more important than trends or what magazines claim is in style. With a bit of organization, you can make your cozy pool area seem bright and spacious.


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