Massachusetts Swimming Pool Fence Law

For many homeowners in Massachusetts, a swimming pool becomes the hub of family and social activity during the spring and summer months. A private home swimming pool also serves as a personal retreat without traveling away from home, and eliminates the hassle and discomfort of being forced to use public swimming facilities.  With a bit of proactive maintenance and a clear understanding of state regulations, owning a swimming pool in Massachusetts can be a rewarding venture today and for many years to come.

Please see the following documents to help with the current regulations in Massachussetts:

MA building codes with swimming pools

Swimming pool enclosure advisory

 Pool Fence Massachusetts

With owning a pool comes the responsibility of taking measures to ensure that your pool is safe as well as enjoyable.  Although there are no standing federal laws governing the use of pool fences, Massachusetts pool owners should be aware of the state regulations governing their use and upkeep.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts takes swimming pool safety and the avoidance of pool related accidents seriously, and has set forth guidelines to protect homeowners and their families.  The state laws require fencing for all underground pools, and the fences must meet standard specifications for height, structure and gate latching mechanisms.  It is also crucial that a pool fence be water and rust resistant for optimal longevity of the structure.

The easiest way to guarantee compliance with state and local laws is to hire a reputable and competent contractor when planning for your pool fence.  An expert company will take the proper time to both consult with you and guide you through the installation process.  Let the specialists at Guardian Pool Fence Systems show you how easy and worry free it can be to safeguard your home pool.  We take pride in providing high quality products, professional installation, and superior customer service.  Your safety and satisfaction are priority at Guardian.  Contact us for your free consultation and estimate today!