Last Updated on May 22, 2023

Los Angeles Pool Fence Code

Los Angeles California is the city of angels, the entertainment capital of the Golden State. You get theaters and arts, history and culture, fine dining and eclectic restaurants, as well as shopping, bars, and celebrities. Not to mention the endless outdoor and recreational activities in the surrounding mountains and beaches. Los Angeles has it all and blanketed in the sunshine for most of the year has a lot of people looking for water. If they are not at the beach, they will be in the pool. The majority of houses in Los Angeles have pools which makes pool safety a number one concern in the city.

Pool Fences in Los Angeles

The installation of a pool safety fence reduces the risk of drowning by 83 percent. The challenge is finding the right pool fence as there is a number to choose from and each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Metal fencing

Metal fencing, along with wood fences, is the more traditional fence style. Chain link and wrought iron are the top metal fences used and they are both durable and low-maintenance. Metal fencing is easy to install and can provide a classier look but they are also more expensive. They can also be expensive to repair if damaged as they are installed in large sheets, so repairs involve the removal and replacement of entire sections.

Wood fencing

Wood fencing comes in a wide variety and like metal, fencing offers a classy and traditional look. So long as you go with solid fencing and not slats, you can easily keep children out, as children may be able to slip through gaps. Wood fences are also durable and can be painted or stained to provide additional longevity. The trouble with wood is that like metal fencing, it is expensive. The staining also requires regular upkeep and slats often need to be replaced. Slats can also allow smaller children or pets to sneak through.

Vinyl fences

Vinyl fences look similar to wooden fences but vinyl is lighter and low-maintenance. Vinyl is also long-lasting and can give you up to 30 years of protection. Installation can be costly because sheets of vinyl are sold in smaller increments than metal or wood, so more posts are required. Replacement is also expensive as entire sections need to be done at a time. Wood and vinyl both can block the view of the pool which reduces the aesthetic quality of your yard.

Glass fences

Glass fences are beautiful but very expensive. The use of glass allows you to see your pool and gives the appearance that there is more space. Repairs and maintenance are very high for glass as is the initial installation.

Mesh fences

Mesh fences are the most popular choice for pool safety for a number of reasons.

  • Safety First: While pool fences are not child or pet-proof, they do increase the security around your pool. Having a mesh fence in place acts as a deterrent to keep children away from the water in case there is any time they are unsupervised. Children are not able to climb mesh fencing due to the small holes.
  • Easy to use: Mesh pool fences are popular because they are easily removed if needed. They are also flexible, durable, and can move home whenever you do. They are lightweight yet strong enough to keep your kids out of the pool. The lightweight aspect is the top reason people choose mesh fencing because it can be easily installed, removed, and transported.
  • Affordable: The cost for installing a pool fence will depend on the type of fence, the size of the pool, and the material used. When it comes to installing a pool fence, mesh fencing is the most affordable option as compared to other pool fence materials.
  • Customizable: Mesh fences come in a variety of sizes and are affordable as well as easy to install. There are a variety of colors, styles, and designs for you to choose from so you can match your mesh pool fence to the décor of your pool, yard, and house.

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Getting a pool fence installed is a smart decision and can protect your family as well as your investment. With a self-closing and self-latching gate, the pool can only be used when supervision is available, thereby enhancing safety. When it comes to pool fencing in Los Angeles, we have the variety you want and the pricing you need, so call us today.