Make Sure Your Kids Are Safe

Make Sure Your Kids Are Safe While Enjoying the Pool


Having your own pool comes with a huge range of benefits, from providing you with a fun and convenient way to keep fit, to upping the value of your home. The biggest advantage, however, has to be the fact that it will keep your kids entertained for hours on end (and, as any parent will tell you, finding something that can hold an 8 year old’s attention for more than 20 minutes is something of a minor miracle!)


While, this is obviously great news, it does mean that, if you’re going to have your kids frequently using the pool, you’re going to need to impose some sensible pool safety rules. Here’s a look at some of the key things to think about;




This sounds obvious, but it has to be said that children should always be supervised when using the pool. Of course, you may feel that older kids who’ve already become confident swimmers don’t need to be looked over constantly, but it’s always best to have someone watching out for unexpected emergencies, even in the case of adult swimmers.


If your kids are using the pool with friends, they will probably need more rather than less supervision due to the temptation they may feel to show off to their peers by flaunting safety rules (especially boys!).


Keep it Food Free


Kids and food can be a messy combination at the best of times, let alone around a pool. Quite aside from the inconvenience of cleaning up after them, having food around the pool increases the temptation for kids to swim straight after eating, or even whilst still chewing on a snack, both of which increase the risk of dangerous difficulties arising.




When having fun in the pool your kids will be exposing more of their skin to potentially harmful rays than normal. Be sure to apply an appropriate sunscreen to protect them from burning and the health complications that can arise as a result.


Fence the Pool


Have your pool surrounded by a self closing, self latching fence. Just as you’d gate your stairs to stop young toddlers taking them on on their own, you need to make sure your pool can’t be accessed by a child whose slipped out of sight and embarked on a solo adventure.


Have a Phone by the Pool


In practical terms, the main reason for this is that it’ll prevent you missing important calls to your home phone because you were out supervising the kids by the pool and didn’t here it ringing. Of course, should some sort of misadventure occur that requires you to make an emergency call, the time you’ll save having a phone next to you could be crucial.




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