Throwing A Kids Pool Party

How To Throw A Pool Party For Kids?

Summer is the time children anticipate all year after spending time in school because it is the time children are finished dealing with homework and having their brains inundated with knowledge and look forward to spend time playing––especially when there’s water involved. Parents can help with this by throwing an at-home-kids pool party. Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning the party.


Enlist the help of other parents or adults, as safety is always a concern for any at home kids pool party. So many things can happen when children are around pools. Their excitement of having fun overrides their caution. A good rule to apply is to have a high adult-to-child ratio to be on the safe side.

Another good idea for safety is to have an adult in the pool with the children to play games, such as playing tag in the shallow part of the water with a beach ball. This is a great way for an adult to have fun by letting their inner child out while overseeing the children.

Parents can be wary of letting their children attend a pool party, so let them know about all of the safety precautions you will be taking, and offer to let them attend as well, if they do feel uneasy.


Themes for a kids pool party is only limited by your imagination. Decorate the area around the pool with different aquatic animals for an aquarium theme or place photos of animals on trees and planters.
Balloons are always an all time favorite with children. Place prizes, such as a toy or plastic jewelry inside the balloons and place in the pool for a game of treasure hunt.

Hawaiian themes are fun as well. Purchase plastic leis at a party or craft store and greet your guests with an ‘aloha’ and a lei. Place colorful beach towels as tablecloths along with a few well-placed plastic palm trees on tables.

Pirate themes are popular. Bury a ‘treasure’ at the bottom of a shallow part of the pool, draw treasure maps around the outside of the pool, and have children try to find it. Hang pirate flags with cross bones around the area and place toy parrots on trees and bushes.



Water games inside and outside of a pool is a great way to add variety to a pool party. Use a large piece of smooth plastic, such as an old shower liner or a plastic tarp and pour a little shampoo, or if you are adventurous, slather Vaseline on it and place a running hose near the top, and watch the kids slip, slide and laugh.

Fill balloons with water and separate children into teams. Begin with players who are close together and toss the balloons to each other. Once a child tosses the balloon, he/she steps back. If the balloon pops, the team is out.

Another game that will have both adults and children laughing is to have a child swim the way another child calls on the swimmer to do, such as summersault across the pool, walk on their hands from one side of the pool to the other or hop on one foot from one side of the pool to the other. As always, ensure an adult is present during these types of games at any kids pool party.


Food should be easy for both adults and children. A dish of cold cuts, such as bologna and salami with bread and condiments are always a favorite so children can create their own sandwiches.  Make sure to offer lots of fresh vegetables, and have lots of dip on hand. Spread plenty of fruit around such as watermelons, grapes and oranges around the food area. Use plastic glasses or paper cups for fruit drinks and add a drink umbrella for an added decorative touch.

Fruit punch made with fruit juice and ginger ale is a great idea. Eliminate the need to wash dishes by using paper plates and cups. Place several garbage bags around and have children help in the clean up by making a game of it. Offer a prize for whoever can collect the most trash.


Having a pool party is a fun way to spend a summer afternoon, and doing a little planning can turn a party from good to great!



Today’s post is from Vanessa J. who works for an online retailer of appliance parts.  When she’s not working, she can be found pool-side on warm, sunny summer days.




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