Safe By The Pool

Keeping The Kids Safe By The Pool This Summer

With the weather warming up, pools all over the country are starting to be used again.  People are having fun swimming, playing, and sunbathing.  No one can resist the glistening, cool water of a pool on a sweltering hot summer day.  Pools are a great way to exercise and cool off, but they also bring with them dangers, especially for children.  There are several things to take into consideration to keep children safe around a pool.

Proper Supervision

If your child is in the pool swimming and having fun, it’s vital that you keep an eye on them the entire time.  It only takes a few minutes for someone to drown, so even stepping away for something quick could be dangerous.  If you’re at a pool with a lifeguard, you still need to keep an eye on your child constantly.  Lifeguards are skilled at their job, but if you’re at a crowded pool, they may not be able to keep a close watch on every child at all times.

Pool Fence

One of the best ways to keep your kids safe from drowning in a pool is to get a pool fence.  This is the most effective way to keep them away from the pool and away from danger.  Pool fences need to be high enough to keep children from easily getting over them or preferably be made so that climbing over them is not possible.  The pool fence should also have a durable lock on it that they cannot open.  The fence itself should also be durable.  With a fence in place, the chances of drowning accidents are greatly decreased.


Pool Cover

A pool cover is another great way to protect children from accidents around the pool.  Pool covers go over the pool and prevent entry into the pool.  They should be correctly fitted so that water won’t collect on the top of the cover.  The pool cover should also be very durable.  It needs to be able to handle a lot of weight on it at one time as well.  In case you have to grab your child and get them off of the pool cover, you don’t need it buckling under the combined weight.  Never keep your pool cover slightly opened, or a child could drown under it.



For complete security, alarms can also be added.  An alarm can be placed on the gate of the pool fence to sound in case it is opened.  This will alert you if your child has opened the gate to go to the pool.  Another alarm that can be put in place is one that is stuck at the pool itself.  This water alarm will sound when someone has entered the pool when they shouldn’t have.  Both of these mechanisms could possibly save your child’s life.


There are several ways to secure your pool so that your children can be safe.  Summer should be a fun time of relaxing and enjoying all the benefits that a pool offers.  With fences, covers, and various other safety devices in place, you won’t have to worry.


Drew Barlow currently works as a writer for SwimJim. He’s previously worked as a children’s swim instructor. He enjoys swimming, biking and many other sports as well as spending time outside and in the water. SwimJim is a NYC swimming company that provides pool service and swimming lessons for children. It also provides swimming lessons and pool service in Houston, Texas.


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