Jacuzzi and Hot Tub Tips and Advice

The Hot Tub Index of Tips and Pieces of Advice

The hot tub or call it Jacuzzi. Comfort in the backyard, waiting for you to enjoy. Some families have just a pool while others have added a hot tub for their enjoyment. But just like the pool, there are many safety tips and pieces of information and advice to keep in mind. This Hot Tub Index will offer you helpful ways to make sure your jacuzzi is ready to go whenever you want to use it.

The technicalities. Maintain the sanitizer and water balance. It’s important to know that the level is adequate to keep the water healthy for you to enter as well as free of microorganisms that can cause problems. This means, making sure the total alkalinity and pH for the water is correct. If the water is in balance, the sanitizer will be more effective in controlling any bacteria issues.

The supplies. Chemicals and spa supplies needed to maintain your spa may be purchased at any pool supply facility. Make sure the chemicals, additive and cleaning compounds are in a cool, dry and ventilated area. Keep them out of direct sunlight and, of course, away from children. All labels should be read carefully and direction followed per the attached labels.

The temperature. The National Spa and Pool Institute has called 104°F the maximum safe water temperature for adults and safe soaking time includes no more than 15 minutes. Infants and children should not be exposed to water more than 95F for no longer than 10 minutes. If a person has a heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, or other serious illnesses, they should not enter a hot tub at all before they speak with their doctors.

The others. Always have the power cutoff switch at least 5 feet away per the National Electric Code. NEVER have a phone, radio, TV or any other electrical device around the spa or pool. Keep the spa covered and locked when not in use. ALWAYS have supervision if children are using the spa.

These tips and pieces of advice and information will help you have a more fun and safe experience while using your hot tub. Once all the safety and measures are in order, sit back, relax and enjoy.