Insurance and Pool Ownership

insurance and pool ownership

Chances are that if you are getting a pool, you are thinking of the parties and fun times you will be having and not insurance. As fun as pools are, they come with responsibility and you have to handle the serious matters before you can have fun. As soon as you make the decision to get a pool, you need to first check your home owner’s insurance policy to make sure you get the right coverage for your pool.

Insurance and Pool Ownership

Home owner’s insurance is designed to cover two things; liability against people suing you and coverage for any damage to your home. Your pool s technically not part of your home and is considered to be separate like a shed. Natural disasters or storms are usually covered when it comes to the pool but often freezing and damage caused by weather is not. You need to be sure you know exactly what is covered before you get the pool installed. When it comes to protecting yourself from being sued by a person injured using your pool, it is best to enforce the highest safety measures to protect you. Pool safety covers and gates are ideal for protecting people and your liability. There are a few important things to consider when looking into pool insurance coverage. Once you have decided to get a pool built, you should consider discussing the following questions with your insurance agent.

  • How much will your insurance payments increase by adding pool coverage?
  • Do you need to dd any additional features for safety such as a pool fence in order to get insurance?
  • How much liability do you need to carry and should you carry?

You also want to make sure the contractor building your pool has adequate insurance. It is also your responsibility to make sure all codes are followed, and permits are in place before building begins to avoid unnecessary costs or possible fines. There is so much enjoyment you can get from a pool and the last thing you want is for that to be dampened by insurance problems or lawsuits. As soon as you decide to get a pool, meet with your insurance agent and discuss what you need to do. It is better to be safe than sorry, and once you have the coverage in place, you can enjoy worry-free pool fun all season long.

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