Pool Safety: The In Ground Fence


Regardless of how often your family is around the pool, a pool fence is a wise investment. Having a grounded safety fence not only protects your children and your pets from falling in, but also protects your pool from and debris that gets blown around in adverse weather.

Grounded fences have poles that are securely planted into the ground. Most reliable fencing companies will use poles that have been tested and are proven to be both sturdy and weatherproof. You are guaranteed to keep out whatever you want.

Child Safety

When it comes to child safety, it is important to make sure the fencing is away from any furniture so that they are not able to climb up over it and get hurt. Taking all the necessary precautions is a good way to make sure nobody gets hurt. The last thing you want is a friend or family member suing you because of your pool negligence.

Mesh fence

There are a variety of pool fence materials to choose from. Wrought iron fences can last up to 15 years, but have wide slats which can be used to easily climb over. Chain link fences have also been used but are not popular because they tend to obstruct the view of the pool. Vinyl or wood fences look very nice but are expensive and can also easily be climbed. Last but definitely not least is the mesh fence. They are the most widely used and popular choice because of its durability and affordability. These fences are also climbing proof and do not obstruct pool views making them the ideal and best choice when it comes to pool safety.

Security And Peace

Having a fence around the pool is a much safer option than pool covers. So long as there is no potential climbing apparatus nearby, there is no way to get over them. While pool covers are great for keeping out debris and leaves, they can be a danger too. Fences provide the better security and peace of mind when it comes to your children and pets. Always make sure that the gates are securely closed and locked when needed.

Natural, beautiful

Pool fences do not have to be unsightly and stand out. The use of mesh fencing appears almost transparent and lends in with the yard surroundings. Both the poles and mesh can be purchased in different colors. Poles are sold in neutral brown colors, which symbolize warmth and stability. Made of reliable materials and given powder coating of either sable, bronze or copper, you can pick the option that best fits your yard décor. Typical mesh colors are lack, brown, tan or green and custom colors can also be made for additional costs. For the least obstructive view however, brown poles and black mesh are the best option.

Perfect Solution

Mesh fences are easy to install and remove as well as versatile and very safe. They are tension based systems using poles every 30 inches for stability. Most come with a self-latching gate, but for added security you can get a lock for it too. With the backing of child care agencies and social services, you can be sure that your children are safe. These mesh fences are also already designed to meet most residential building code requirements. With all the benefits discussed, it is an easy decision; mesh pool fences are ideal for any yard with a pool.

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