Indoor Water Safety

Watch out for bathtubs, buckets, sinks and any pool of water!


A house could be the most dangerous place for children. If you have young children among 1 to 4 years old, you should pay more attention to the water location around your house. Watch out for bathtubs, buckets, and pools which can be a cause of some accident in your house. A new report from CPSC indicates that there were 660 incidents involving children younger than 5 years olds from 2005 to 2009, and most of the incidents involved bath or related products such as portable pools. These pools account 11 percent of all pool drowning of children on that age.

Below are some indoor water safety tips from CPSC:

  • Tell your neighbor about the importance of indoor and outdoor water safety and the importance of pool fences.
  • Empty the water after used from buckets; and turn it upside down or store it.
  • Close your washing machine door and make sure it is secure, children are not able to climb in.
  • Don’t leave your baby or young children unsupervised near a bathtub, bucket or any pools of water. Children can drown in an inch of water!
  • Lock your toilet seat cov er to avoid something wrong happen when young children play around in the bathroom.
  • Learn CPR as the first lifesaver when drowning incidents happen.




Do you need a pool fence?