pool-safety-regulationsLandlords have invested a lot in order to ensure that the property they are renting out is attractive to the tenant. They get to accessorize the property by adding features such as an automatic gate, beautiful landscape with trees and shrubs as well as a well kept backyard.

For homes with swimming pools, they have increased value and attractiveness but for the landlord, it increases liability especially when they have not adhered to the Swimming Pool safety act of the California Health and Safety code. The act simply states that landlords and home owners need to install at least one of the seven safety features.


Self closing latching gates

Swimming pools whether filled with water or not, pose a grave danger to the children. In order to ensure that children don’t have ready access to the pool especially without supervision, it is important for the landlord to install a self closing gate with self latching mechanism. The gate should have the release mechanism at a height of 54 inches.

Pool Fence

As a landlord, you need to have a mesh pool fence in place and it should adhere to the standards set by the act. This means that it should be 60 inches high and should be able to completely surround the pool. The safety pool fence should not have any handholds or footholds that would enable a child to climb over.

Gaps and clearances

The swimming pool barriers need to have a maximum vertical clearance of two inches from the floor. This means that no gaps should be in the fence which could allow a sphere object of four inches or more in diameter to pass through. This helps to prevent small children from crawling through and under the enclosure.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are designed not only to protect the entry of trash and leaves into the pool but also the unauthorized access to the pool by children. Landlords have the option of installing manual driven or power driven pool covers.

Why are safety measures important

Prevent drowning

Tenants who rent homes may have or may have no children but that does not mean that danger is not present. Majority of home owners have experienced instances where children jump over the fence to access the pool without permission. If an accident like drowning happened, the tenants and the landlord will be liable.

Prevents unauthorized access

As a landlord, it is important to ensure the installation of a fence around the pool area. This will help to prevent unauthorized access to the pool whether the home is rented or not. This will help to prevent any accidents in the pool.

Reduce evaporation rate

California is currently experiencing water shortage and as a landlord, it is important to save water and extend the lifespan of your pool. A few ways to do so include installing a pool cover and plant trees around the pool to reduce evaporation rate.

As a final thought, prevention is the best cure and it will help to prevent a lot of heart ache and head ache.