How To Use Swim Paddles?


tips to use swim paddles

When you swim with paddles, you get to improve your upper body strength allowing you to achieve great underwater catch plus a powerful pull and finish. The purpose of a paddle is to increase the surface area of your hand allowing you to displace a lot of water while increasing resistance too. The best thing about swimming paddles is that they can help you to utilize specific swimming muscles which are great for your endurance and

According to experts, it is wise to have a proficient stroke before you start using the swimming paddles. This helps to prevent shoulder and elbow issues. Since the paddles are a vital training tool especially for recreational lap swimmers and competitors, they are a must have.


Below is a step by step guide of how to use swim paddles.


Step One – Choosing the right one

There are strapless paddles which are used on the hands and don’t have straps to fasten them around the wrists. They serve the same purpose as other paddles and they are only attached to the top of the middle finger. You can also convert them into breaststroke kickers by slipping them around the ankles which help to increase the surface area of your foot allowing you to displace more water with your feet.
When it comes to choosing the right swim paddle, you need to choose those which can be converted easily from the hands to the feet. They should have the necessary straps which allow you to fasten them around the body limbs. You need to find a store that offers different colors as this will help you to have a wide selection to pick from. The price and the type of material used to make the paddles are very important when considering which to select for you use at the pool.

Step Two – Fasten around the hands

After you have purchased the right paddle, it is time to take them out for a swim. You need to strap them around your wrist and the middle fingers. This allows you to have full control of the paddle. You need to use the straps provided in order to achieve this. You can also use them around your feet as they will allow you to move faster in the water when making powerful kicks. What you need to know about paddles is that they are simple devices and they allow you to displace higher amounts of water which means it requires more of your upper body strength to propel the swimmer through the water faster.

Step Three – Get in the water

After you have fastened them around your hands or feet, it’s time to get in the pool and try them out. As discussed earlier, it requires more upper body strength in order to propel through the water. Once you are in the water, you can move your arms through the water propelling you forward. Since the devices increase the surface area of your hands, you will notice that you are able to displace more water.

Tips You Need To Know

When selecting the right paddle, you don’t have to go for the biggest since you assume that it will propel you faster in the water. What you need to know is that it will overtire you putting an excess strain on your shoulders. Always talk to a specialist before purchasing a paddle in order to select the right one.


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