How To Keep The Swimming Pool Warm?

Solar Panels Heated Pool


One of the best things about having a pool is having the accessibility to it anytime you want to dive in. Of course, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to pools, especially their temperature. Depending on your location, you might not even need artificial pool heating at all, but some people prefer warmer pools even during the summer time. And for those who plan to use their pools during the winter time, there’s no doubt that some type of heating is needed to keep the pool ready for use. There are basically four types of swimming pool heater options, and you will need one if you prefer your pool water warm. The type you’ll end up getting will also depend on several factors including location, pool size, pool type, and even your budget.


Electric Heat Pump


The electric heat pump is great for those who are looking to save while keeping their pool temperate. Also known as the “solar heat pump,” this type of swimming pool heater takes large amounts of air from the surrounding atmosphere and collects the heat as it passes through the heating unit and then transfers the heat into the pool.


This heater is a great option for those who wish to keep their swimming pool heated throughout the year. While it may save tons of money in heating, it might also not work in places that are relatively cooler or during times when it is too cold outside. The machine needs a warmer air climate in order to work properly. This will work best in locations that have a more temperate climate year long. It can also work if you’re only looking to use your pool outside of winter.


Electric Element


This type of swimming pool heater is one of the most cost-effective options. The electric element is simply a heating unit that is submerged into the pool to affect the pool’s overall temperature. Such heating units are mostly small and convenient, and they are the best option for those who have no access to gas or electric pumps. The electric element will work best for smaller pools, as larger sizes will take relatively longer to get warm and will also require a lot more heat to keep at the right temperature.


Gas Heating


Gas heaters are probably the most versatile out of any heater options, since owners have complete temperature control over them. They also have the ability to quickly heat up any sized pools and to keep the temperature the same for as long as the heater is on. This type of heater will be the best option if you happen to live in a location with long and strong winters but still wish to use your pool. Gas heaters will have no issue warming up a freezing pool during the winter time.


Since temperatures are mostly kept to a level throughout the year, the use of gas heaters are both practical and efficient, especially for certain locations. While it might make more sense to get other heater options if you live in a more temperate climate, having a gas heater might come in handy for special occasions, parties, and the like.


Solar Heating


If you live in a location that offers up plenty of sun throughout the year, it wouldn’t make any sense not to use solar heating in one way or another. Solar heating takes advantage of the heat given freely by the sun. The way this heater works is simple and requires minimal maintenance. Solar panels are typically arranged in an area, usually the roof, and are connected to a heated collector. When the pool water is below the programmed temperature requirement, water from the pool is circulated to pass through the collector to get heated before it is circulated back to the pool.


Now of course, solar heating is only useful when there is enough sunshine to work with. This type of swimming pool heater is not recommended in locations that get minimal sunshine annually. However, solar heating can always be combined with other heating options to be used when it is possible. It’ll save you money in the long run, but installation costs and requirements can be exhaustive and expensive.

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