How To Install A Pool Fence?

The Fence Installation Process

When you search for good quality in installing the fence of your pool, you should consider both aesthetics and safety.  Most often, pool owners are only focused on the features and price offered by the contractor, and fail to assess the credibility of the company that will do the job.

In preserving the appearance of your patio, the quality of installing the fence is important.  If you look around, you’ll notice that there are fences made with sagging mesh and crooked posts.  Those are the types of installations that you should not prefer because they will just destroy the beautiful look of your pool and patio.

What qualities you should look for a contractor

•    They have a good reputation in the fence installation industry.

•    They can present samples of previous works.

•    The contractor should have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who can really do the job.

During the planning stage, there are major concerns that you have to discuss with the contractor.  First, you should determine the distance from the pool’s edge on each side where you want to install the fence.  You should also pinpoint where the location of fence openings would be.

Then you have to make an appropriate design on the contours of your fence.  Do you want to have a design that follows the shape of your pool, or you prefer to contour it in order to maximize certain areas in your patio?


How the fence installation process is done

•    Once you have established the design, the next step is laying out.  Each of the location for your fence post will be measured and marked to get precision.

•    Next step is drilling of holes on the marked spots.  Some contractors use rotary hammers in drilling, but it’s not the safe way of doing it since it could destroy your patio.

•    After drilling, they will insert plastic sleeves into the holes to get the exact fitting for the fence posts, and set the fence sections in the patio holes with corresponding point lock section latches.

•    The last step is installing the self closing gate.

After completing the installation of the pool fence to your satisfaction, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your kids are safe from entering the swimming pool.




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