Deciding to build a swimming pool is a very big decision. You must make sure every amount you spend on it is worthy since it won’t be little. Many people dream of owning a swimming pool and invest a lot in it. This is not something you destroy and rebuild easily; the procedure of doing so will cost you a great fortune. With that said, you do not want any mistakes appearing on what is supposed to be a dream come true. It might turn out to be a nightmare if you do not find the right person to do the job. It is good to have wide knowledge on how to find the excellent builder; someone who will not give you an example of a pool but the pool itself. Here’s how to differentiate the good ones from the bad ones.

There are questions which will help you identify the right pool builder. How the person answers these questions will determine whether they know what they are doing or they are just people faking expertise. You will quickly identify someone who has false claims about their experience in the industry. This way you will be in a better position and you can confidently spend as much as it takes since you know it is not going to waste.

How do you determine the volume of the swimming pool?

This question will disqualify many pool builders. Someone with experience should be in a position to answer this question comfortably. To get the volume of the pool, you should multiply the length, width, and average depth. After getting the figure in feet, multiply it by 7.5 for regular rectangular pools or by 7 for irregular pools to get the given volume in gallons.

How do you prevent galvanic corrosion on the pool?

This is something you ought to be very concerned with. The pool builder should be in a position to explain how to go about it. A sacrificial anode system should be installed so as to protect the metals in the pool from corrosion. Galvanic corrosion occurs when two or more metals of different composition are immersed in salt water.

How many swimming pools have you built so far?

Here, you should be interested in an actual answer. A good pool builder keeps track of his accomplishments. He or she should be in a position to name at least three places where you can view before coming into contract with them. This way you have a visual and actual image of what to expect after the job is done.

What are the things that you should test for in pool water apart from chlorine?A quality pool builder will tell you that you need to test the Ph, the calcium hardness, manganese, iron, copper, nitrates, and phosphates. A poor pool builder will have little knowledge on this. Low-quality pool builders do not pay attention to the water chemistry.

Do you usually perform a pressure test on the plumbing after installation?

Many will say yes but you should not stop there, go ahead and ask for the specific figure that the pool should have. Your pool should have a maximum pressure of around 30 psi.

If the potential pool builder is startled by either of the above questions, please continue with your quest. The right pool builder is somewhere else and not there with you. You should only be ready to spend if you find a person who answers the questions confidently. Otherwise, disappointment will be on its way.

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