How To Fight Black Algae in the Pool?

The word bloom is often associated with good things, such as fresh flowers. When you hear of algae bloom, however, you know it cannot mean anything good for your pool. Algae bloom can cause havoc within a very short period. The moment it attacks your swimming pool, you no longer view the place as a source of enjoyment and pleasure, but rather a hub of diseases. Most of the algae types can easily be avoided if you exercise proper pool chemistry. However, black algae are the toughest to destroy. Luckily, there are a few steps that will make the process easier.

Getting to know black algae

The first step to eliminating is identification. You cannot get rid of something when you do not know what it is. So you need to learn to distinguish between the various types. The color of the algae says a lot about its strength. Where green algae is the most common and easiest to get rid of, black algae is the complete opposite. The black type tends to be very aggressive in pools all over the world. It appears as small spores and spots on the sides of your pool. The shocking truth is that adding algaecide will not kill the black algal bloom by itself. Their roots live and anchor inside the cracks of the pool finish and plaster. That is why destroying it is always a major hurdle.

How to fight black algae

To destroy the bloom, you will require:

  • Gloves
  • A pool brush and pole
  • Algaecide
  • Chlorine tablets

Wear the gloves and use chlorine to attack the algae at its head. In case the bloom is at the bottom of the pool, you might have to use a clip that has a chlorine tablet attached to a pole. Once you are done treating all the algae spots using the tablet, use the pool brush to thoroughly scrub the surfaces of the pool. You should see a dirty cloud of substances emerging from the surfaces as a result of all the brushing. Turn off all the filters and pumps for at least 24 hours. You can then add the recommended amount of algaecide to all deep ends of your pool. Now that the chemistry of your pool is totally out of place, remember that you need to balance out the PH levels. Remember, do not swim within a week of treatment.

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