Last Updated on March 22, 2023

Few tips to choose the right pool fence

When anyone hears the word swimming pool they will most likely think of pool parties, the occasional aquatic exercise, and those summer swims. What they don’t think of is pool safety and the safety of children.

According to surveys and research are done by the CDC the leading cause of injury or death for children between the ages 1 to 4 is drowning. It is estimated that at least three children die every day as a result of drowning and many more are hurt or permanently injured. Since most children do not have a sense of fear it is almost impossible to keep them away from the swimming pool.

Children are curious, playful, energetic, and lack that sense of danger that an older child would have. It is very challenging for a parent to watch their child 24/7 without them slipping by their line of sight at least once. It is not only time consuming but tiring having to check up on your little ones every few minutes. This is why precautionary measures must be taken to make sure your child does not end up becoming a statistic.

To make sure that your child is always safe and does not become a victim to your pool, it is recommended that you put up a safety barrier to prevent anything like this from happening. Mesh pool fencing is an excellent way to help prevent a tragedy from happening in your backyard. Not only are they safe but they can be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Most parents do not want to put up a wrought iron fence around their pool because it is permanent, it is climbable and requires constant maintenance. The answer to this problem is the mesh pool fencing. These incredibly effective products not only look good but they keep your child safe as well. They can be removed in a matter of minutes and yet can also stay up for 20 years + without having to worry about them.

A few tips for choosing a Mesh Pool Fence

  • Make sure that the company you decide to go with guarantees their install, is licensed to install the product and is not just some fly by night operation
  • Make sure that the product that they are selling you has a lifetime warranty against all manufacturer defects and has a good reputation.
  • Make sure that if you purchase a gate with you fence that it does not have a top crossbar on the gate or a bar across the bottom that you have to step over every time you go in and out of the pool. Both of these are safety hazards
  • When picking the mesh to make sure that the spacing is at least a quarter inch so to provide maximum transparency.
  • Make sure that the poles being used have stainless steel pins at the bottom instead of just aluminum poles that a lot of company’s use. These stainless steel pins not only give you a smaller hole in your deck, but they are also unbreakable too.

Do you need a pool fence?