How to Automate Swimming Pool Care

When you own a pool there is a lot of responsibility that comes with the fun. You need to ensure it is safe for use as well as maintain and clean it regularly. Caring for a pool is not hard work but it does need to be done frequently and many people struggle to find the time. You have tested the water, add appropriate chemicals, and clean the water and filters on a schedule in order to keep your pool in optimal condition.

How to Automate Swimming Pool Care

For those looking for some help in pool care, there are ways you can fully automate the process freeing up your time and still getting all the necessary work done. It is much easier these days to care for your pool. Thanks to pool care automation, all you need is a little knowledge and some equipment, and you can have a well-cared for pool and more time to enjoy it.

Pool Care Automation

Using modern technology to care for your pool is the new approach and it not only provides great care but it frees up your time. These automated systems do a large portion of the work for you and they also allow you to monitor your pool from any location. Automated systems can add all necessary chemicals to the water and test water samples as and when needed. There are even some systems available that clean the pool for you.

You do have to add the chemicals to your pool system but the system lets you know when they are needed and when they are getting low. You also have to clean the pool filters by hand on occasion but this is nothing compared to cleaning and caring for the pool entirely by yourself. Automated care systems need to be installed which means there is an initial cost at the time the pool is built. If the system is added later, you will have to pay for installation, but the overall cost is more than made up for in the long term. The work you save by relying on the system and the savings on chemicals, daily maintenance and care is a financial benefit. Not only that, but the lifespan of your pool is extended under such great care, so you get additional value for your initial investment.

How to Automate Your Pool Care

It is a fairly simple process to get a system installed and set up as there are only a few key steps you need to follow.

  • First, check your internet connection because good connectivity is required in order for you to monitor the system from other locations. The Wi-Fi signal needs to reach the pool area, but you can extend or move the router as needed to get the appropriate coverage.
  • Make sure you have tools such as a Pool Monitoring System and an Automated Cleaning System. If you really want to save time, there are systems available that ship you pre-measured chemicals for you to drop in as needed.
  • Robotic pool cleaners are additional options and make a great investment. They easily travel around the bottom and sides of the pool cleaning up dirt and grime as they move. You still need to clean the pool skimmer but overall, much less of your time is required.
  • It is recommended that you hire a professional to install the automated system. Setting them up is not difficult, so if you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer you can likely do this alone. Instructions are always provided but should you run into any challenges, you can reach out to pool professionals for assistance.
  • You can monitor the system through a computer or your smartphone. When it alerts you that chemicals are needed, be sure to get the chemicals in right away. This minimizes the chances of the pool water getting unbalanced. Be sure to set reminders for yourself to check the filtration system so you can clean this regularly to maintain optimal water and pool quality.

Modern technology now allows us to take a step back and get some help with pool care. This could be a wise investment, depending on what exactly you hope to get out of owning a pool. If you are a hands-on type of person that enjoys the upkeep schedule, then the automated system may not work for you. On the other hand, if you wanted the pol without the work, these systems are the perfect source of help for you.


Automated pool care technology makes it easier to care for your pool, so you have more time to enjoy it with the family. You will still have to do some work, but the assistance definitely frees p your time. It also takes the pressure off of having to remember when to add chemicals. As long as you are willing to do a little work, these new systems will help take care of your pool so you can take care of entertaining your guests.

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