How to Add Features for a Mobility Friendly Home?

How to Add Features for a Mobility Friendly Home?


As the population of the United States ages, more and more adults find themselves caring for and worrying about their aging parents. If your loved one is still living in their home, a move is doesn’t have to be the only solution.


Upgrade the home to be mobility-friendly with a few strategic updates to the space. This way, you will get a peace of mind, and will know for sure your parents are safe, as safeguards are in place to prevent future issues.


Fencing Around the Pool


A pool without fencing or a complete enclosure is a major liability to your parents. Not only is one of them likely to lose their footing or fall in, a child could also wander into their yard and fall in the pool. Since your parents are unable to react as they used to, a tragedy might occur before help arrives. There are even fences with a self-closing pool gate. This means, your parent doesn’t have to get up from indoors, walk outside, and risk not properly closing the gate once again.


Ramps Up to The Front Door


In a place like California, it is common for homes to have several steps to the front door. Your parents bought a home decades ago when the steps were not a concern, but now the hilly California terrain is a liability. A ramp is an affordable option to keep everyone safe. Whether it is like a handicapped ramp up to a restaurant or a straight ramp up to the home, add this update before a fall happens.


Relocate the Master Bedroom


Certain conditions, such as arthritis that come with age, can make climbing stairs extremely difficult.Without any construction, relocate the master bedroom if your parents are currently living upstairs. Your parents shouldn’t struggle as they move up and down the stairs just to get to their room. For an able-bodied person, forgetting your wallet upstairs takes 30 seconds. For a senior, it is seen more like an opportunity for an accident, so why not do everything you can to avoid such an undesirable scenario.


Keep Your Family Safe


Caring for an elderly loved one is difficult, especially if you do not live nearby. With a few updates to create a mobility-friendly home, you can get peace of mind while also keeping those you love safe. If you don’t know where to start, focus on the troublesome areas in the house. For most, this means the pool, indoor and outdoor steps, and basic accessibility changes.