How Much Value Will A Swimming Pool Add To Your Home?


A swimming pool, though expensive, is a great addition to any residential piece of property. The pool indeed brings along several benefits to the home, which can often offset the costs of their construction. In so doing, they make the addition of the pool worthwhile and profitable. These benefits are both qualitative and quantitative as you will see below.

How Much Value Will A Swimming Pool Add To Your Home?


Increase your Home’s Resale Value

This perhaps is the most significant of all the quantitative benefits of swimming pools. Installing a swimming pool in your home increases the value for which you may eventually sell your home. The National Association of Realtors posits that having a pool in your property appreciates its value by an average of 5%. This is in addition to the natural appreciation that fixed assets like homes ordinarily accrue. As you can clearly see, you can reap huge profits by opting to install a swimming pool.


Boost your Home’s Aesthetics

Other than the monetary benefits, pools also bring along some qualitative perks. The most outstanding of these is the fact that it boosts the aesthetics of your home. Pools exude a distinctively sparkling blue hue whenever they reflect sunlight and this hue is breathtaking to behold. In light of this, pools confer great backgrounds for panoramic views and photography. The pool’s aprons are also generally elegant and equally awesome to behold. They too contribute to the overall aesthetics of the home environment.


Enhance Family Ties

A swimming pool provides you the incentive to stay at home on the weekends. This is because the pool environment offers great rest and relaxation. You can have a barbecue, invite friends and neighbors, and hang out enjoying the weather and relaxing waters. This helps you enhance family ties and encourages spending quality time with loved ones. You also save a great deal of the time and money that you would have spent in going out for these events.


Improve your Overall Health and Fitness

Home-based swimming pools provide an inexpensive means of staying fit. This is mainly because you do not have to enroll in a gym. Other than that, the pools are also accessible on demand as and when you want to exercise. They generally confer you the opportunity to exercise softly, burn extra calories, and reduce pains from injuries and stress. Some pools even offer aromatherapy options that allow the scents of essential oils to infuse through the water, thereby promoting your overall wellness and health.


Great for Relaxation

Areas that surround the pool are great for relaxation for a number of reasons. For one, the area provides breathtaking views of the pool and the home backyard, which come in handy mainly in times of stress. Secondly, the area can also host picnics and festivities. Lastly, the pool and its entire ambiance give you a way of escaping the hustle and bustle of congested lifestyles. In case you are stressed or if you are experiencing a low moment, the pool is the ideal place to retreat to.


Enables you to sharpen your Swimming Skills

Dreaming of becoming a professional swimmer? You have no choice but to install a pool in your backyard. That is because becoming a professional swimmer requires intense exercising and practicing. Relying on a hired pool may put a strain on your pocket and scuttle your attempts to gain the needed expertise. When you have your own home pool, you get a fair degree of flexibility. This is because you have the leeway to determine when and for how long each training session lasts. 


Combat the Summer Heat Perfectly

Summers can get very hot depending on where you live and many people choose to retreat indoors as a way of keeping cool. However, you do not have to do this with a pool in your backyard. Pools are very effective in cooling body temperatures. You will also spend less on utility bills because you can cool off naturally, rather than cranking up the air conditioners.

A swimming pool is indeed a worthy installation. As stated, the costs of acquisition and installation are high, but the total benefits, both quantitative and qualitative, far outweigh these costs. It is therefore in your best interest to consider installing a pool for your enjoyment as soon as possible.


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