How Much A Pool Cost?


Owning  a pool is not a cheap proposition. Whether you opt for an above ground or a built in variety, there are many costs associated wit having a pool. How much a pool  costs is contingent upon how much you plan to use it in the course of a year. Living in the temperate climates of California, Florida and Texas, the need to have a pool appears to be more urgent, then in other sections of the country.

Once you have decided the type of pool you want, the question of affordability should enter the picture. To have an above ground pool, the start-up costs are around $ 7000, fencing with a magnetic latch will run you $15/linear foot, adding a heater and cleaning supplies will add to the costs.

How Much Pool Fence Cost

If you want a built-in-pool, the cleaning costs will be the same; chlorine, and a algaecide to inhibit the growth of algae. There is an urgent need to prevent toddlers’ access to the pool area. Drowning is the major cause of death for this age group and children in general are attracted to pools. Anyway to prevent an accident due to their getting into the pool area will enhance your piece of mind. It is the responsibility of the pool owner to provide a barrier for young children.

A built in pool will need an electric heater, a liner and will incur more expenses in start-up than a above ground pool.  The approximate start-up costs amounts to $15-20,000. There will be an increase in your electric bill of amount $15-20/month, and  cleaning supplies. Before you decide to purchase a pool, do your research if it makes economic sense to do so. it does not make sense to buy a luxury if you really cannot afford it.