How Much Is To Build A New Swimming Pool In 2017?

Cost To Build Swimming Pool 2017

Swimming pools will allow you to enjoy your backyard on a hot summer day. You can take a dip without having to worry about people splashing your or the pool being overcrowded. The cost for a swimming pool will vary based on the type that you want and the company that you hire to install it. There are several things that will affect the price of a swimming pool in 2017.

Above Grounds Pools

These pools are usually the least expensive. No holes need to be dug in the ground. A spot in the yard is leveled out and the pool is constructed. The average above ground pool cost $1,500. It is around four feet deep and are great for summer play. If the liner of the pool gets a hole and needs to be replaced this can be several hundreds of dollars. Filters can also be expensive. This is something to keep in mind when deciding what type of pool to put up in your backyard.

Fiberglass In Ground Pool

Fiberglass is a popular material if you are looking to have an in ground pool. The pools are made in the factory and then they are transported to your home. The pool finish has a smooth gel cost and nothing else will need to be done to it. The average price for a fiber glass pool ranges from $78 to $109 per square foot. This pool will last for a number of years.

In Ground Concrete Pool

Concrete is another popular material used to build an in ground pool. All of the construction for this pool is done at your home. The site where the pool will be placed is excavated. The hole is then reinforced using bars, mesh, and concrete. The average cost for building this type of pool ranges from $72 to $103 per square feet. Average cost reported is around $45,000

In Ground Vinyl

This in ground pool is also constructed at your home. A whole is excavated and a support structure is set in place . A vinyl liner is then installed over these supports. This liner will be strong but a person will still have to be careful with shape objects in the pool. The average costs for the vinyl liner pool is between $58 and $89 per square foot.

Additional Expenses

You may have to pay your township for a permit to install a pool in your home. Different towns have different regulations. Some townships may require that a fence or other enclosure is installed around the pool. This will add to the final cost. You are also going to need chlorine to keep the pool clean, a vacuum, and some type of filtration system.

These are just estimates of the price it costs to have a pool installed in your home in the year 2017. There are some other costs you need to keep in mind including maintenance, and any increases in homeowners’ insurance. The exactly cost of the pool with vary by the location it is being installed, the material used, and the size of the pool.


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